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Rules for participation in the Cós Blanc de Salou. Festa Major d'Hivern

Rules for participation in the Cós Blanc de Salou. Festa Major d'Hivern MORNING PARADE STANDARDS AND REQUIREMENTS BLANC COS FLOATS * The floats must not exceed 4.50 meters in height. * The floats must not exceed 3 meters wide. * The floats must not exceed 12 meters in length. * It limits the power of the sound of the carriages to 2,500 W. * The platform shall be provided with a lower fence that protects the vehicle tires. All this in anticipation of avoiding accidents. * Both in the morning parade and in the "Cos Blanc", each of the floats will be accompanied by a minimum of four people, at its sole discretion, to monitor the safety of the carriage. People take charge of security badges for (reflective vests), so they can be located immediately. * Each of the floats will necessarily lead to a fire extinguisher properly reviewed and approved. * The electricity generators will be sufficiently protected to prevent them from being covered with paper during the celebration of Cós Blanc. " * You will need to pay special attention to the condition of engines and carriages (brakes, battery, tires, etc..). * It is strictly forbidden to provide the chariots of fire or elements that produce heat. * For security prohibits the driver and the coach responsible for alcoholic drink during the shows. * Not permitted in the celebration of Cós Blanc "involving animals. * Please timely schedules to be established. * Both the output of the floats from the City and the return ship will be together in order to expedite the exit. All the movements that have to do the floats, they must be previously informed the local police in Salou to avoid sanctions and possible traffic accidents. * All coaches will be in perfect working order to participate in the party. * Upon completion of Cós Blanc, mark the output is order to enter the ship in an orderly manner. * The carriages will have to have adequate means in order to unlock the reel and a universal tow. These media are fully binding, in order to tow or be towed if necessary. * The organization shall have a mechanic.   THE ORGANIZATION IS RESERVED THE RIGHT TO: Make any technical or safety inspection to check compliance with the requirements referred to colla Exclude any coach or participant who does not meet those requirements. Any rule change, call or travel for reasons or good cause Changing the order of the floats in the Parade or Cós Blanc for technical reasons.  

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