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Salou with Ukraine, against war and violence

Suport to Ucraina

Salou. Costa Dorada. 03 March 2022. The mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, together with the spokesmen of the municipal political groups and the councilmen and councilors have met before the doors of the Salou Town Hall to read an institutional declaration condemning the military invasion of Ukraine, in support of the people Ukrainian and committed to peace. Some 300 people attended the event, including a part of the Ukrainian community of the municipality.

The act began with a minute of silence, with the melody of the Cant dels Ocells. Next, the mayor has read the institutional manifesto of the City Council, which, on behalf of the municipality of Salou, "expresses the strongest condemnation of the military attack against cities and the Ukrainian civilian population, which has already caused innocent victims and a humanitarian crisis with thousands of refugees”.

The document also highlights the commitment of the Salouense society with peace and coexistence, with the non-violent resolution of conflicts, and respect for sovereign and democratic decisions.

The statement values ​​the intervention on the Ukrainian territory, ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, as "a state of violence and absurd and incomprehensible aggression, which only generates personal and collective damage, and suffering to the population"; and as "a military occupation that violates the sovereignty and integrity of a country, and submits its freedom and will to choose its own future."

For all this, the Salou City Council demands the de-escalation of the conflict, with the immediate cessation of the invasion and the withdrawal of the troops sent by Vladimir Putin to Ukraine, before the number of victims and homeless people multiplies.

Secondly, the Corporation expresses its support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine and, especially, with the community of Ukrainian origin that resides in Salou, in the neighboring towns and cities, in Catalonia and in Spain, who live, with sadness and impotence, that situation.

And, thirdly, it appeals to the resumption of dialogue and understanding for the construction of peace among all, and to seek solutions through political and diplomatic channels to the problems.Finally, Salou has called for an effort to reconsider an unjust position and to return to dialogue for the construction of peace between the peoples and nations of Europe and the world. And he has wanted this conflict to end as soon as possible, and life in Ukraine and Russia can be normalized, in an atmosphere of peace, for the benefit of all.

The event ended with the piece 'Imagine' by John Lennon. The Ukrainian people attending have sung the anthem of their country; and the representative of the new Association of Ukrainians of Salou, Anastasia Chornohuz, expressed a few words of thanks for all the support, as well as explained how to make contributions to help families living in Ukraine.

The facade of the City Hall has also been illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow, throughout the event.

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