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Salou pays tribute to the victims of the attacks in Cambrils and Barcelona

The members of the council have kept five minutes of silence.

Costa Dorada. 17 August 2018. Diverse acts have been carried out since the consistory of Salou to pay homage to the victims of the terrorist attacks of August 17, 2017 in Cambrils and Barcelona. Five minutes of silence at the gates of the Town Hall, the descent to half-mast of the flags and the reading of a manifesto condemning the violence have been the symbolic acts that have taken place this midday.

As much politicians as house workers and other citizens have wanted to add to the emotional memory of what happened on August 17 and 18, 2017. The mayor Pere Granados has been in charge of reading the manifesto in which it is said that " The citizens of Catalonia, Spain and Europe witnessed the cruel attacks perpetrated by the Islamic State on the Rambla de Barcelona and the Maritime Promenade of Cambrils, which resulted in 16 fatalities and more than a hundred wounded. Peaceful citizenship was the best bulwark of defense of our democratic coexistence and the best manifestation of our firm condemnation of the attack.When a year of this execrable terrorist act is celebrated we want to remember and honor the victims and reiterate the support to all the relatives and friends and share with them an unwavering commitment to defend the democratic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat guide Catalan society. " The mayor, has continued his reading by recalling that "one of the fundamental pillars of democratic and civilized societies is that under no circumstances can you attempt against human life, in the name of anything and anyone."

This manifesto, agreed with the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia also makes an explicit acknowledgment to the people who were at the front helping at all times to restore order and help people: "we claim the excellent work done by the bodies of emergencies, bodies security, doctors, prevention, institutions, organizations, especially the institutions of self-government in our country, and in front of them the most responsible for security bodies and mossos that face the consequences of the attacks responding with a great professionalism before the great adversity and difficulty of the moment, a task that is not conceivable without the citizens of Catalonia who, once again, expressed with their collaboration and help the spirit of solidarity, openness and collaboration of our society. "

In addition, he has also invited everyone not to be afraid and move forward firmly: "this spirit is what we have to reclaim, converting again, as we have done, the Rambla de Barcelona and the Paseo Marítimo de Cambrils in arteries of life. A place of encounter, of multiculturalism, respect and civility, a sample of what our towns and cities are: meeting points and coexistence for all, a space of non-discrimination and guarantor of the exercise of freedom. to reaffirm the will to continue building municipalities where respect, freedom and peace prevail, a country that rises saying that it has no fear, that we are not afraid of terrorism. "

The manifesto closes the reflection aloud talking about weapons: "It is necessary that countries that claim themselves as democratic, civilized and modern do not contribute in any way to the sale of weapons and war material to the intolerant, in a way The commitment to peace is and must be a priority for all of us and, therefore, as a society we can not tolerate in any case that the arms trade is alien to the growing reality of international terrorism. example "and finally, he affirms that" today, thousands of people are before our town halls, on the Rambla de Barcelona and in Cambrils, because together we are stronger, because we are one people facing terror and the best tribute we can do to the victims, family members and friends is to reaffirm our granite commitment to democracy, tolerance, respect, freedom and peace. gone, relatives and friends: you will always be present in our memory and in this country. We are not afraid, we are people of peace. "

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