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Pressure of the mayors of the coast after the silence of the Government to its requests on the way

The mayors of the coast want to respond to indifference.

Salou. Costa Dorada. 02 May 2018. The mayors of the four coastal municipalities affected by the dismantling of roads - from Salou to Vandellòs - have decided to have an active attitude to claim the urgency of these works. To this end, the mayors of Salou, Pere Granados; from Mont-roig del Camp, Fran Morancho; of Vandellòs and Hospitalet de l'Infant, Alfons Garcia; And Cambrils, Camino Mendoza, have agreed today, at a meeting held in the City of Salou, to take action with the first two initiatives, after demanding a central call from the Central Government on the dismantling of the railway line of the It costs, and received silence, indifference and oblivion in response.
The municipal representatives have agreed to attend the doors of the Government Delegation in Barcelona to request a meeting with the delegate to give him a manifesto to claim the urgency of the dismantling of railway facilities .

Simultaneously, the mayors want to study the legality of the entry into operation of the Corredor without complying with the Environmental Impact Resolution that obliges the Central Government to dismantle the roads.
We recall that at the meeting held on February 14 in the Government Subdelegation in Tarragona, Government delegate in Catalonia, Enric Millo, committed to give an answer to the mayors at the end of February; a response that has not yet arrived and for this reason the mayors are understandably annoyed and worried, anticipating that the roads will be disrupted and disused once the line of the Mediterranean Corridor is coming into operation soon.

Faced with this situation, the mayors have agreed to coordinate, in a very near future, to travel to the doors of the Government Delegation in Catalonia to read a manifesto that will be delivered to the delegate. If after 15 days the delegate does not convene a meeting, then they have agreed to transfer their claim and complaint of non-compliance to the Ministry of Development in Madrid. The other initiative that they have agreed to is the study of the legality of the entry into operation of the Corredor without compliance with the dismantling of the routes as required by the Environmental Impact Resolution.

In this sense, the mayor of Salou is very forceful and said: "If there are signs of illegality we will go to the litigation line by filing a lawsuit against the Ministry." The mayor of Salou also pointed out that from Alcaldia "he insisted via telephone and by email in the request of the meeting with which the delegate of the Government of the State was committed to move forward in a project to dismantle the coastline; and no response has ever been received ". He also remarked that this request had been made through "a motion that was approved by the plenary on April 9." On the other hand, he also stated that "the elimination of the roads on the way through Salou is a historical demand, but it is also a necessity for the safety of people, as well as for structuring a new urban mobility and order new areas for use pedestrian; and for this reason we demand specification with project and deadlines for dismantling and that the obligations are met by budgeting the corresponding investments for its execution. "

For his part, Fran Morancho, mayor of Mont-roig del Camp, expressed his concern about the latest statements by the minister "questioning the study of environmental impact. We are worried that the roads will not dismantle, the insecurity that may cause us to disuse, we are worried about what will happen the day after the running of the corridor. " Morancho added that "today we should not be here, making this claim and announcing actions. This is a historical demand from the territory that the State is not listening to. "

The Mayor of Cambrils, Camino Mendoza, stated that "it is not understood that unofficially, it is said that at the end of the year the Mediterranean Corridor will come into operation and that the affected municipalities will not have any official information about the future of the railroad that will be disused, after having called on the government delegate, who promised to respond before the end of February. "

"It is a matter that worries us a lot because it does not dismantle the route means having an abandoned infrastructure that will generate security problems and that continues dividing the urban nucleus, explained the mayor. "In Cambrils we have a broad consensus in this regard, as demonstrated by the motion approved Friday by the House, with 15 votes in favor and 5 abstentions. That is why, following the line that we set in February, we will continue working together to ensure that the Ministry of Public Works fulfills its obligations," he added.

For his part, the Mayor of Vandellòs and l'Hospitalet de l'Infant, Alfons Garcia, said: "What we ask is that there is a specification, which has not been reflected neither in a meeting nor even in The project of the State budget, because the investment for the dismantling of roads is not planned. Beyond the future plans that each of our municipalities have, the fundamental thing is that today we do not have a project nor a budget for the dismantling of the roads, and this is a very worrying matter, given the imminence of putting into service the corridor of the Mediterranean". Garcia has also asked that "the administration be careful with the municipality and with our territory, and that carry out the actions that it has undertaken to develop."

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