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The City Council commissioned an ambitious study on the state and possible improvements of the beaches

The study will begin by analyzing the current situation of the beaches

Salou. Costa Dorada. 20 August 2018. The company DPT21 will be responsible for carrying out in the municipality of Salou a comprehensive improvement plan for the beaches of the municipality. The in-depth study, which has been contracted by the City Council, will supervise the weak points, which need improvement, as well as highlighting those that are already successful. The methodology will consist in carrying out field work, surveys and data collection.

In the last 10 years he has implemented the project for the integral improvement of beaches in more than 20 municipalities. The Salou project consists of several sections to study such as accessibility and mobility, beach services (showers, litter bins, beach bars, ...), and leisure and activities. We will work on the ground collecting the information, which is already being carried out in the different areas of the beaches of the municipality during morning and afternoon hours. Each week there are about 160 surveys, which will last until September 15, and the result of these will be compared with a universe of 8,000 surveys of other municipalities in the last 3 years.

The first of the phases consists in the analysis of pre-existing conditions where a compilation of the main data available on the beach will be made that will serve to have a photograph of the current state in the main parameters, such as the services provided, physical accessibility and digital, mobility, private services, the cartography of equipment, facilities, etc. The equipment or services offered to the users will also be valued, managed in a general way, by means of concessionaires who obtain a commercial exploitation license for rent or sale, convened every so often, variable according to each municipality. They are a reflection and part of the perceived quality and therefore their evaluation has been made with this consideration as the main conditioning factor. At the end, a card is made by beach and by area of ‚Äč‚Äčanalysis. The cards are very visual, in order to quickly identify the aspects to be improved.

During the second phase the management, the current legislation, and the norms and plans of voluntary adoption will be analyzed, (environmental and quality certifications, the Strategic Tourism Plan, the Agenda 21 and the Local Action Plan for Sustainable Energy -PAES -). The legal regime applicable to beaches will also be analyzed, as well as its compliance and if it is applied optimally.

There will be an in-depth analysis of the management, the internal organization, the analysis of the direct and indirect costs of the beach. The income obtained will also be analyzed. Once all these data have been collected, they will be compared with the real data from other similar municipalities that the DPT21 consultant has analyzed.

The third of the phases will analyze the demand of both the markets and the public beaches of Salou. Being the beach a space where environmental conditions have great influence (rain, wind, noise ...). The company DPT21, plans to divide each of the beaches into spaces between 150 and 250 meters long and make a daily data collection on the beaches in two shifts morning and afternoon, starting on June 24 and ending the week of 11 of September.

During these 3 hours there will be 20 random surveys among the users. From the data obtained in the surveys referring to how much is spent on the beach, and how much is spent in the municipality, a study of the total expenditure that users of the beaches made both on the beach itself and in the municipality is made .

The fourth phase consists of the collection of proposals and the preparation of the Strategic Plan and action or operational plans. With a short, medium and long term vision and the definition of temporality for each planned action, those responsible for carrying it out and the economic cost. The proposals will be presented in an operational calendar identifying the priorities.

The Councilor for Tourism, Benet Presas, explained that "beaches are the main tourist asset, and the management of them must be considered basic to the success of any destination that wants to maintain its competitive advantage." Dams added that "that is why from Salou we want to work on the drafting of this comprehensive improvement plan which we believe will give us a lot of information that we can later use in our strategy and positioning".

The works will be carried out at the most within a period of 3 months, including 1 active bathing season, in order to carry out the surveys and extract the conclusions at the level of economic return and perception. The maximum date of delivery of the work is during the second half of October. Creation of an internal Monitoring Committee -4 sessions- to assess the monitoring of the project.

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