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The Blood Bank invites you to live the "SuperExperience" of the Marathon donation

The mayor has called for the solidarity of Salouenses

Salou. Costa Dorada. 22 November 2018.
The Blood Bank invites you to live the "SuperExperience" of the Marathon donation
On Saturday, November 24, Salou will celebrate the Blood Donation Marathon with the slogan "The superexperience of blood donation, Much more than what you give". The Blood Bank invites you to enjoy the feeling of being a donor on this important day. The Auditorium Theater of Salou will be the main stage of this new donation marathon that will host from 9 in the morning to 9 pm and it is expected to exceed 300 donations. For 12 uninterrupted hours, a wide range of media and services will offer the citizens of Salou the possibility of making this gesture of solidarity. The Blood Donors Marathon in Salou is organized by the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST), jointly with the City Council of Salou, the Blood Donors Association of Tarragonès.
This morning, in a press conference, the mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, wanted to appeal to the solidarity of all Salouenses to come to the Marathon and make a gesture of solidarity to donate blood. "It's a great feeling, first because they treat you very well and second because the feeling of well-being is very great," he said. For its part, the Councilor for Health Martina Fourrier wanted to thank the involvement of companies, entities and all volunteers who this Saturday will collaborate in the great celebration of donation. "Thanks to the participation of the entire city and its entities, each year we get to exceed expectations," he said.
The director of the Blood Bank of Tarragona and Tierras del Ebro, Dra Virgina Callao, recalled that in this final stretch of the year there is always a decrease in donations of between 20 and 30% and that meetings like Salou serve to stabilize the blood reserves. In Catalonia, about 1,000 daily donations are needed and today, he added, there are reserves for 7 days. The director of the Blood Bank has also explained that in addition to donating blood has also enabled an area to give plasma, by appointment.
To book and not wait, you can book on the blood bank page:
We return to involve all citizens of Salou
The Marathon aims to turn the solidarity gesture of donating blood into a festive day. Therefore, entities, institutions, companies, volunteers and individuals participate that help us and support in the organization of the activities that will take place during these days.
The day can also be followed on social networks with the hashtag #MSangSalou. Thus, any citizen can spread the importance of donating blood through Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, email or WhatsApp and contribute to the blood donation even if it can not give blood.
"The superexperience" of donating blood
Imitating the gift boxes of experiences that have become popular in recent years, the Blood Donors Marathon of Salou, which repeats the same thread as the rest of the Marathons that are done this 2018 throughout Catalonia, will have its own experience to give as a gift
Thus, in order to give, donors will receive a drop-down equivalent to an experience box that they can give to other people and encourage them to give; a getaway, a moment of good vibes, a gesture of solidarity, a group meeting, ... etc.
There are several experiences linked to donation to choose from:
  • ESCAPE to donate blood. A quick, pleasant and altruistic blood donation to save 3 lives
  • DISCONNECT 20 minutes. And connect 3 people in life!
  • 100% GOOD ROLL. Come to give blood, and come home with a smile
  • 100% SOLIDARITY. Live a 100% altruistic experience
  • DONATION FOR 3. Save 3 lives with a single gesture
  • BAPTISM OF DONATION. Save lives for the first time
  • GROUP DONATION. The magical experience of saving lives together
An SMS will close the experience
As of the beginning of the year, all donors receive SMS messages when their blood is sent to a hospital and is ready to save lives. After the donation, the blood bag arrives the same day at the headquarters of the Blood and Tissue Bank, in Barcelona.
In the laboratory, the fractionation process begins, which consists of dividing the blood into red blood cells, plasma and platelets. If the analytics are correct, the blood is stored in refrigerators.
In particular, the red blood cells are preserved at 4 degrees of temperature, and have an expiration of 42 days. From then on, the stock market awaits the demand of a hospital to leave with a clear recipient, the patient. A path of blood from vein to vein that will now also be known by the donor, who will receive an SMS informing him that his donation comes from the refrigerators of the Blood Bank to be transfused to a patient. This will close the donation experience.
The new service aims to improve the experience of the donation, so that the donor has more information about the path of his blood after his donation.
Main activities of the Marathon:
11h Performance of Ball of Bastons
12h Music with Tarraco Jazz Connection
13h Recognitions to collaborating entities.
Club Xic's will offer a workshop to make sheets from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
4.30pm Mag Struc
17.15 h Chocolatada
17.30 h Mini disk
19h Batucada and Giants
20h Bruxelles Latemó de Salou
20.30 h Diabloes of Salou
All day:
Children's corner with slide and American track
Healthy eating tips by Salou High Resolution Center

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