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The new attraction of PortAventura will premiere on May 12

Vila-seca. Salou.The highest roller coaster in Europe finally opened on 12 May. The Shambhala starthere 15 days. Thisattraction is called Pharaohs to be the new icon theme park of PortAventura. This attraction has a maximum height of 76 meters, has a fall of 78 meters, has a distance of 1650 meters and its length is more than 3 minutes. The attraction has 3 cars, withseating for 96 peopThe construction of the structure of Shambhala has completed the symbolic act of signing and placement of flags of the countries involved in its construction. The tallest roller coaster in Europe, 76 meters high, has placed the last piece of track and prepare for the test phase. After more than 9 months working on the construction of what will be the next big attraction of PortAventura, the roller coaster and the new silhouette draws air from the resort theme. With 25 million euros, Shambhala is the largest investment ever made by an attraction in its history PortAventura. Since opening in 1995, the resort has invested over 900 million euros. Shambhala is a feat of engineering than 1,650 meters long for that have been used 1,600 tons of steel structure and concrete 4.000m3 reaching 18 meters deep. According to Luis Valencia, "When we started to draw Shambhala think an attraction represents the magnitude and leadership of the park and once again offer unique experiences and different. From close-ups so far has been modified and tailoring every detail to offer maximum appeal for visitors. Consolidates Shambhala philosophy since its inception has been PortAventura offer a different and unforgettable experience. " Shambhala is also the fastest roller coaster, reaching speeds of 134 km / hour and the one with the longest drop -78 meters, with a maximum slope in the first drop of 86 º. On your way through a tunnel, more than 5 camelbacks (elevation during the tour), the lowest of which has a height equivalent to a 7-storey building. The new roller coaster also incorporates an innovative restraint harness system that provides more freedom of movement for travelers. The three trains, with capacity for 32 people each, may operate simultaneously coming to carry over 1,000 passengers per hour. Also, special seating arrangement allows all passengers are good views all the way. "The feeling you will experience the traveler will be the effect known as "air time", or zero gravity, losing contact with the seat. It will be like a hump of a road but much more intense, "says Luis Valencia, Director of Development Portaventura. In the construction of the structure of Shambhala have participated Bolliger & Mabillard, who also participated in building the Dragon Khan. This is a Swiss engineering company pioneered in the roller coaster that features over 77 structures built worldwide. He has also participated in the section on engineering and architecture and design of structures the joint venture PGI-BOMA has adapted the design of B & M to the field of PortAventura also developing the foundations of attraction (some 18 meters depth). These companies have extensive experience and have participated in over 2500 projects such as railway station of Zaragoza and the new Stadium de l'Espanyol. In all a work in which more than 300 people from various countries like Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Switzerland and USA. The challenge of creating a legend "The entertainment world is a fascinating aspect of engineering and applied technical scientific knowledge to the public amusement. All this combined with the satisfaction of knowing that you are creating unforgettable feeling in the audience will enjoy the project makes the job even more rewarding, "says Luis Valencia, who has over 5 years working as a project engineer PortAventura. In addition, following the line of resort to thematize its attractions to make them attractive to all audiences Shambhala, to be located in the area of ​​China, recreate an environment around the roller coaster inspired by a mythical kingdom hidden beyond the mountains of Himalayas. In this sense, Shambhala is not only the tallest roller coaster in Europe, but "A chance to walk through a new subject area of ​​more than 14.000m2 us about the mysterious and unknown kingdom of Bhutan, mixing emotions indescribable spectacle and a magical journey that takes us to the majestic Himalayan Mountains, "says Luis Valencia.

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