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Santa Tecla 2012 keeps the number of events

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. August 28th, 2012. From 15 to 24 September, Tarragona will vibrate with the festival. Once again, Santa Tecla has a large program of events with its emphasis on heritage and the most popular party, combined with more than 400 events and performances for all ages and tastes. Much of this offer has been made possible through the collaboration and promotion of the rich social fabric that each year becomes more visible in the celebrations of the city.   Thus, a reduction of 30% of the economic budget in comparison to 2011, the Santa Tecla Festival 2012 held the same number of events in the previous edition (426 minutes, 4 fewer than last year). This has been due to two fundamental pillars: firstly, the clear commitment of medium and small-scale events over the free mass and more present in previous editions of the Festival, and on the other, the second pillar is based on increasing the supply of private acts of both organizations as collectives of the city firmly in our party with the support of the council.   Some of these proposals have emerged from the cultural fabric of civil associations that have involvement with their own municipal funding are consolidated Barracks on 14, 15 and 16 at the Paseo de las Palmeras, or Tropikalfest first edition of the gardens of the Champ de Mars, on 21, 22 and 23. This new musical will offer a long way to Jamaican music, by the ska and reggae. Another activity is consolidated Teclatapa that will fill the square Verdaguer culinary Friday 21 to Monday 24. The cuisine also find their place in the district with the Seraglio Seraglio Tecla't 2012, a trade fair for food, beverages traditional crafts and manufactures products for tasting designation of origin.   Tradition and Heritage Aiming at Santa Tecla most popular heritage is strong. Thus, both human tower (the first Sunday and the day of Santa Tecla), the pillars walking the parade and Santa Tecla Little People return year to citizens and visitors to enjoy their holidays the most distinctive elements that make the most essential and heritage of our celebrations.   Entertainment for all ages and tastes Among the shows are paying this Santa Tecla Mishima concert on Thursday 20th at 22 pm in the Auditorium Theatre Champ de Mars, presented in Catalan her third album, Love Happy (2012), a new financial arrangements artefacts and texts full of emotion perfected his personal style, always spiraling upward in search of unforgettable sensations.   Another highlight will violins and trumpets comedy starring Joan Pera, Lloll Bertran Rañé Ferdinand and Anna Gras, which revolves around the warm and intimate relationship between three chamber music, two men and a woman, reeling with appearance on the scene of a fourth person. After the success of the Barcelona Teatre Borras, the work presented for the first time in Tarragona. Violins and trumpets will play at the Auditorium Theatre Champ de Mars on the day of Santa Tecla in 22h.   After the resounding success during the Santa Tecla last Cantajuego return to the city to present us his latest show. Cosquillas, in his fifth tour of the state, is an entertaining and always guaranteed rate for the first day of the Festival (Saturday 15 at 17 h in the field of Mars).   Tickets for the three shows are now available on the Internet through Ticketmaster or at the Metropol Theatre box office.   Among the shows pay also include The Family Tent and Tent Geek. A program for all ages fully consolidated in our celebrations and this year launches new space and is located in the square Verdaguer from 14 to 19 September. The cost is € 5 each show, a popular and economical price, and tickets can be purchased at the same place from two hours before each show.   New Santa Tecla 2012 Santa Tecla's 2012 premiere. And these parties will have many new features.   For example, grows very important merchandising parties through private initiatives: adding to the traditional shirt, scarf, hat, bag and sheet, books go out of the festivities, the first edition of the book the school parade, cookies parties, magnets or without alcohol begudeta with its own barrel for children in the house.   Another novelty is the opening of new areas, such as DO Tarragona Contest 2012, which will be celebrated inside the recently opened music box, located at the Space Tabacalera. The other area that opens with this celebration Theatre lobby Tarragona, this year, exceptionally, the Festival will host the booth, and get, well, a qualitative improvement of the savings and 30,000 euros thanks to the use and preparation of this hall, which will also make a small taste of what's new theater.   Santa Tecla triumphs networks After the success achieved during the Festival of 2011 with the Twitter campaign # essantatecla, continuing the broad activity 2.0 that takes place throughout the year from the cultural capital of Tarragona 2012, Santa Tecla year will vibrate the networks.   With new competition audiovisual "Remove the Amparito inside you!" And the tender "Perspectives of Tarragona" Photography, Santa Tecla more than ever want to reflect and give voice to the feeling of all the keys and Tarragona Tarragona through these Two new initiatives and participating in networks. To date it is spreading to Santa Tecla Tarragona and beyond. In 48 hours, the promotional spot of Santa Tecla and audiovisual contest "Remove the Amaprito inside you!" Presented on August 20, it had received more than 4,000 hits on Youtube.   Moreover, this year, like last year, smartphone users will also have a mobile application where you will find all the information and programming for the Festival.   Santa Tecla 2012. The most popular pillar of Tarragona 2012, Capital of Catalan Culture The Santa Tecla Festival is one of the four main base of the Capital of Catalan culture that holds our city during this 2012. As some experts say, Tarragona, in fact, every year is crucial in the field of popular culture, especially during the festival becomes a focal point and a benchmark for many.   Our parties have always enjoyed a high component of participatory citizenship. Thus, following the philosophy of this 2012, Santa Tecla became the leading exponent of the cultural effervescence of the city. It Tarragona during Santa Tecla where its citizens real stars of this cultural capital, take over the city and make it yours with their efforts, their work and effort and love towards your head and Festivals his Tarragona. I Tarragona 2012, and has been doing all year, recognizes and values ​​the rich cultural collective that defines us.

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