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RumbAmazigha at the Pau Casals Auditorium in El Vendrell

El Vendrell. Costa Dorada. A mixture of rumba and the Moroccan Amazigh music you can hear in the concert of Music for Diversity, which organizes and sponsors the Social Services Department of the Municipality of El Vendrell, with the support of the Municipal Auditorium Pablo Casals. This concert will be on Sunday 13 June at eight o'clock in the evening (20 h) of the Pau Casals Auditorium Vendrell. With RumbAmazigha, rumba Catalan folk music and swap languages Amazigh music, melodies and rhythms to create a collective sound popular, upbeat, festive, and without their own labels. A project of Taller that was created to promote mixing and musicians from diverse geographic and stylistic. Catalan rumba is perhaps the latest popular music invented in Europe, particularly in Barcelona. Catalan gypsies were the street from the Wax id'Hostafrancs the Grace that were created and became a landmark musical front. Interestingly, among musicians RumbAmazigha, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are the masters of this musical inventors. Peter reminded us that although this population is due to whom the creation of the party, we must not forget which is precisely the key to success is out of these sources, the extension of its values and its ability to break down borders and unite people. Today we are fortunate that the new Catalan society has members from all over the world and many of them, namely the southern Mediterranean basin. Most of this population, contrary to what many people may believe, not Arabic, but Amazigh. This assignment is in recognizing the majority of inhabitants of North Africa from the Atlantic Islands (the Amazigh or hispanitzats guantxes) to Egypt and from the Mediterranean to the desert of Mali, Niger , Chad and Burkina Faso, where are the Touareg. The Amazigh language have (the Tamazight) and alphabet, shapes, music and cultural and artistic expressions of their own, different from those of the ruling elite of these states, which are all Arabists. In Tamazight is also known as Barbarians or Berbers, who are set designations by the invaders. The significance of these terms is the 'wild', in reference to the Amazigh tribes who rejected all occupations (Phoenician, Roman, Greek ... to Arabic and European colonialism) that have suffered throughout the history to defend himself, took refuge in the mountains and the desert. As in previous editions of music for Diversity, at the end of the concert there will be tasting sweet tea and Morocco.  

Tags: costa dorada, el vendrell, painting, sculpture, exhibitions, museums
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