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Reus hosts two exhibitions on the Holocaust

Reus hosts two exhibitions on the Holocaust

Reus. Costa Dorada. Two simultaneous exhibitions in the main hall of the Museum of Art and History (pl. of Liberty, 13) proposed an educational tour about the causes and development of the Holocaust, the genocide against the Jewish people planned and executed by the Nazi Germany in 1930 and World War II. It samples The 13 pillars of education about the Holocaust (organized by the cultural association B'nai B'rith) and The Holocaust (sponsored by the Foundation Baruch Spinoza). The show's 13 pillars of education about the Holocaust, which will be open until March 3, seeks to dismantle certain myths and describe the events that occurred in Europe from thirteen very specific ideas that develop during exposure . The thirteen ideas are: - The Holocaust is a singular and universal genocide - In the Holocaust were killed two thirds of the world Jewish population - The Holocaust took place across Europe - The Holocaust perpetrated on people "normal" - During the Holocaust, each person decided what attitude adopted - In the Holocaust there was at least 10 different ways to kill Jews. - You can not compare the Holocaust with any war or conflict - During the Holocaust the Jewish resistance fought against the Third Reich - Spain was also involved in the Holocaust - During the Holocaust the world abandoned the Jewish victims - The Holocaust was caused by anti-Semitism - In children the Holocaust 1,500,000 Jews were killed - Education about the Holocaust is fundamental to modern education The Holocaust is the symbol of the horrors of persecution and genocide of six million Jews, nearly a million and thousands of Gypsies persecuted for their sexual status or religious or political ideas. The 13 pillars of education about the Holocaust wants to spread the knowledge of European history as the best tool for fighting fascism, discrimination and human rights abuses and transmitted to the younger generation the values ​​of peace , respect, freedom, equality and democracy to ensure coexistence. The exhibition The Shoah (Hebrew for "catastrophe" or "destruction"), which can be seen end on March 15, includes photographs from the archives of the Authority for Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance of the Yad Vashem Holocaust, as well as text explaining how the Holocaust is the only genocide throughout human history that have tried to murder an entire people around the world. The Shoah is the only time that an industry has been built expressly for extermination by gas chambers and crematoria. Among the different sections of the exhibition devoted to the Holocaust there is the rise of Hitler to power and the persecution of Jews, the Evian Conference and the abandonment of the Jews, the Night of Broken Glass, The Ghetto Warsaw, the "final solution" and the Conference Wannasse, the extermination camps, the Holocaust and the Franco dictatorship, the denial and trivialization of the Holocaust and Judeophobia in Catalonia in the XXI century.

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