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PortAventura, curiosities and anecdotes

Vila-Seca. Costa Dorada.  this year celebrates its 15th anniversary. It is therefore time to look at some of the lesser-known sights of the park. Over the years, more than 50 million people have walked through its streets and enjoyed its attractions, but most people ignore the story behind the Dragon Khan, which recreates an ancient Chinese legend, or the homage to "Flying" of Palenque (Mexico) here takes the form of attraction Hurakan Condor. But not all the curiosities concern attractions: Lost and know that each year receives hundreds of mobile phones, sunglasses and even on one occasion a nun's veil? Attractions Dragon Khan Legend has it that Hu, the son of the king of Ximpang, fought against the genius of fire and snatched their power. He suffered a terrible transformation, taking the shape of a fearsome dragon. Looping has the world's largest vertical (35m diameter and 33m high). Furios Bacchus An inventor and his assistant, a mischievous monkey, are working on a new machine for harvesting grapes. But a mistake catapults visitors between the fields of vines. It accelerates from 0 to 135km / h in 3.5 seconds. Hurakan Condor The building that houses the tower, 24 meters high, is inspired by the Palace Tower in the city of Palenque. The god of the winds have the last word before the terrible fatal fall from the sky. The free fall is 100 meters at a speed of 115km / h. Stampida Play a single race between Cranberry's and Connery's to dispute most of the land in Penitence. The course length is 950m, and reaches a maximum force of gravity of 2.5 G. Splash Tutuki Captain Cook had to face the Tutuki native ritual, rushing to his frail canoe by the fearsome volcano. The ritual reminiscent of the goddess Pele (goddess of the volcano). The angle of the slope is 24 meters. Park design During the process of creating the park took more than 65 km of cloth to make 15 000 uniforms, 4,500 hats, 7,000 aprons and 5,000 pairs of shoes. PortAventura has a distance of 3.4 km and over 10 km of track where the trains run. Through the five thematic areas are distributed over 100 crates, boxes and bags and 588 barrels. In the Far West Cemetery, inspired by the famous Boothill graveyard (Arizona), workers involved in construction signed left their name in the epitaphs on the graves. The pyramid in Mexico, inspired by the temple of El Castillo at Chichen Itza, has 24 meters high and has 9 floors. The tomb is home to the Great Pacal, M. Palenque and weighs 8 tons. The stones removed in the excavation were then used on the breakwater from the shore of the lake. Green areas Distributed 35 hectares of green throughout the park, equivalent to 35 football stadiums. In the fields of golf and 100 hectares are recorded in hotels, 10. More than 680 species of plants, originating from around the world, grow throughout the Resort. PortAventura has a laboratory and a meteorological station themselves in charge of analyzing the water needs of all green areas of the resort. Apart from the analytical mark legislation, analyzes the drinking water and water from swimming pools, fountains and attractions. Some tree species are moved during the winter, a PortAventura own greenhouse to keep them in top condition. The greenhouse is the size of a garden center. Lost objetcs In the department of lost and found objects as curious as a nun's veil, a leg brace, hearing aids, dentures, strollers, crutches, glass eyes, a girdle, a wheelchair and a bat named Frankie . The most common objects in the hundreds: mobile phones, sunglasses, hats, underwear and makeup tools, among many others.  

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