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Pere Granados talks about the future of Salou at the conference 'Salou 2020, a commitment of all'

Pere Granados talks about the future of Salou at the conference 'Salou 2020, a commitment of all'

Salou. Costa Dorada. For the first time a mayor of Salou has a conference to explain to the public for government action and a set of proposals for how the city has to face the future. And for the first time a mayor has used public participation to collect a whole series of ideas and opinions to define the guidelines for the future. And so, under the title "Salou 2020, a compromise of all," he sheller current state of the municipality to project it towards the future with a series of solutions and strategies. In a conference room full of City Hall before a large part of the municipal corporation and many citizens the municipal head, Pere Granados beginning of his speech said "I wanted to make it a particularly motion of no where to go and where we want and we can get together, "adding that" a projection that has been the result of many interesting contributions from citizens who wanted to participate in the campaign ideas for the future of Salou. Salou 2020 After a brief review of the work done for two years, the project has focused on Granados' Salou 2020 ". Remembering that Salou has a privileged location and "this potential and its geographic conditions constitute an important infrastructural asset and a major advantage for the municipality, from the standpoint of economic competitiveness and to attract investments." So the economy is and should be the priority axis and the future of Salou. Granados said that "everything plan, think and do, must have two dimensions or approaches: the profitability and social profitability in terms of general interest" and said that the government "must be carried out procedures and measures to build confidence and economic dynamism in order to create wealth and employment opportunities. " He added that "this government understands that chair today, the best social policy is one that generates employment and, consequently, quality of life and progress" and has set the strategic guidelines of Salou can get as far as and from Salou has to define the future. In this sense, the mayor has developed seven points: 1 - With "political stability" Salou needs a stable government and political normalcy. In a strong government committed to the collective needs and general interests, rather than personal and partisan interests. A government honest and exemplary from the point of view of political ethics. 2 - Breaking the seasonal tourism Finding synergies with the private sector so that private initiatives, along with their investment are aimed at creating wealth and employment. Enhancing the possibilities that it opens a new marina in the area at Quarry and improved the current. With desenvolupoament Sector 03. Strategic sector that includes the construction of the Sports City, will help brand positioning Salou as sports tourism, building a high quality hotel zone Speaker, and the construction of a small area of ​​light industry and services, an office area for the implementation of business. Supporting the family business, proximity, and quality. Advancing towards a model for trading. A model of business that attracts customers throughout the year. With tax incentives and rebates for businesses and companies that open all year. Supporting the proposal that emerged from the private sports campus sports. We want the sport is also a source of wealth in the winter. Following encouraging family tourism. We make quality family tourism assume greater attendance fees. Salou is a reference work for education and training in the world of tourism. 3 - relaunch the productive economy The action should look forward and act as the impacts of the crisis as soon as possible to minimize. And the lack of resources, we must apply imagination and ideas. With over economy will have more jobs. With over economy, we can improve our services and equipment. With more social economy can meet all the people and families with difficulties. Like we should be able to support business initiatives and enterprising people of Salou. 4 - Using administrative transparency and agility Citizen participation is the key to ensuring social cohesion and sense of belonging to a municipality. Citizens are well informed citizens who live in the city, forming individual and collective ideas, and they bring that question. Seek involvement with the council and from the society, to achieve the utmost respect for promoting human and social development. Modernising the administration, facilitating the processing of documents and reducing bureaucracy. 5 - With a quality planning, a city social Projects that qualify over our urban environment: construction of ring road in its entirety; remodeling of the old town area becoming attractive element reference; introduction of the Civic Hub, unifying broad avenue of the city with provision of all services in the area now occupied by the railroad passing through Salou improvements in all public services and urban spaces (micro); urban public spaces and create space for leisure and recreation youth, creation of a Day Centre and strengthen the system of urban and interurban public transport. 6 - Salou With a more sustainable It is an attractive value and to create conditions for the installation of companies and people. A city friendly and gives more accurate quality of life. 7 - Making city together A strong government is one that knows how to listen and act accordingly. The government has implications for citizenship and involvement in order to enhance dialogue and reach consensus around the important present and future of Salou. Improving the quality of channels promoting democratic participation is essential to reach an agreement required the city.  

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