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The 1st party of the ,Vin Blanc, arrives sto Morera and Escaladei

The 1st party of the "Vin Blanc" arrives sto Morera and Escaladei

La Morera de Montsant. Costa Dorada. The core of Escaladei will be this Saturday, December 5, the scene of the first edition of the festival of the white wine  La Morera of Montsant and Escaladei. Escaladei is precisely the area that saw the twelfth century the monastery where the monks followers of the rule of San Bruno established new cultivation methods  wine and gave name to one of the most renowned wines in the world today.   The cellars and producers of The Mulberry City Council and Escaladei La Morera de Montsant  have agreed to organize the 1st Festival Vin Blanc. Thus, these two  added to other wine-producing centers of the villages to encourage the dissemination DOQ Priorat of their wines through popular shows.  La Fiesta del Vin Blanc begins at 11 am and this first edition will be at the Local  Social Escaladei where almost all of the wineries offer tastings of Mulberry and Escaladei  wines. It is expected that this festival is touring in future editions between Mulberry and Escaladei. Visitors can rent the cup to the tasting, and more, there will be tasting typical products of the village. The Board of the DOQ Priorat, Parc Natural de la Sierra of Montsant, agro-shop and the area also has its own stand at this meeting. The "vin blanc", a variety of traditional wine  This is a sweet wine that followed a process pdocucció craft now almost entirely lost, although some remained in the cellar La Morera de Montsant area. The explanation of John Ferdinand Mercadé is: "It was the first wine s'encetava after Verma and the custom was to try it the eve of All Saints with roasted chestnuts. Vim is the new white n'acostumava to make a gift bottle that the relatives and acquaintances n'elaboraven. The wines of the Priorat village Thus, the "vin blanc" will play a special role in the festival Saturday Vin White and Escaladei La Morera de Montsant. This meeting will function similarly to it several meetings during the year are made to spread the DOC wines of Priorat different peoples. Recently made the show Taste Porrera 2009 (November 7), the Wine and Harvest Festival in the old winemaking (last September) and the Night of Wine Dragon (last August).   These popular celebrations are a chance to meet the features more typical of wines from such places as the DOQ Priorat. The authenticity of the local wines DOQ Priorat is one of the most recognized by experts around the world in this regard, the Board of the DOQ Priorat has recently approved the new the zoning designation of origin with 12 different directions that will allow processors indicate the provenance of their wine village with the words "Wine Village" along with the name of the village. This indication will recognize the efforts of local producers. Indeed, the "Wine Village" is the result of an intensive research project coordinated by Control Board of DOQ Priorat and the participation of the Rovira i Virgili and Technical University of Catalonia. This research has as one of the cornerstones of Taste Farms and Villages, which is held every year at the Social Hall of Escaladei and involving a great number of Priorat wineries that make a blind tasting of their wines to evaluate their characteristics and authenticity. The DOQ Priorat in Catalonia is the only recognized as one of two qualified only exist in Spain, according to quality requirements and systems production are still in the area of wine.  

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