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From Vallfogona to Riucorb a Forès

Barberà de la Conca
From Vallfogona to Riucorb a Forès

 The route goes from Vallfogona Riucorb to Forès in passing the spa Vallfogona, Segura Saladern, fennel and Savella Abadiat between the crops and forests, areas of great scenic attraction rather solitary. It is a wonderful biking trip that can be done on foot if you have a car or if they support Forès ago night. Much of the route is marked as GR 171. The route starts in the town of Vallfogona Riucorb. You can get from Montblanc, the regional capital, taking the C-14 N heading towards Tarrega and broke, having spent the deviations that lead to Nalec Ciutadilla and to the right (E) L-241 . Another possibility is to go from Igualada and A-2 to C-241c to Santa Coloma de Queralt, where a speaker will take the T-224 to Vallfogona. 0.00 km (560 m). Vallfogona of Riucorb. Arch Street, near the road T-224. It follows this road SE / E. Further, it is left to the left Vallfogona Spa (1.80 km, 590 m). This spa, surrounded by gardens and a forest of pines and oaks, uses groundwater in the valley. It continues to lift the T-224. 2.35 km (593 m). Leave the road and turn right onto S along a track marked with the white and red GR 171, that will not stop until Forès. The trail begins a steep ascent, making a zigzag back and looks towards the S. For the start of the plaster, dating back to over 700 m. Then begins a long stretch almost flat, where the forest is not as thick. Corrales plans are called, at the gates of Segura, where big oaks abound. 4.56 km (790 m). Secure access to a township Savallà Parish County, where few people live in fixed form. Like all peoples of this area, has its origin in a castle, of which only remnants remain. The Church of the Assumption (eighteenth century) is baroque. It retains a stately building dating XVII: Can subi. Since the village has a beautiful view of woods Saladern, no where to go. From the entrance of the village, coming from Vallfogona, it falls to the right (signposted GR) to take a path down to the river valley towards Seniol O / SO on track to lead the fund. There is another option with less technical difficulty: go north on the road going back and actually, 90 meters above, take a deviation to the left (O / NO). The two routes converge before Saladern. 6.17 km (607 m). Junction with the trail that descends from the N to Segura. Continue to the west and left the house of Saladern left. When the road starts to turn towards the NW, is a fork. 7.31 km (582 m). Branching. It breaks to the left (OS) that leads to the diversion Fennel (GR signaling) will be followed later by turning on the right. It crosses the Seniol and few meters later, the ditch Fores. It follows the valley of this stream in the direction S is for entering the shade of the Comet to Fonoll. 8.98 km (630 m). A touch of fennel, it leads to track access to this population comes from Passanant (to be passed back out there again). Continue straight (SW) going to the town and leaving the GR 171. Now will continue until the variant GR Forès 171-1. It crosses the center turn toward E. Fonoll, located in a corner of great beauty, was abandoned several decades ago and today is owned by a nudist association, in summer they practiced nudism. The Romanesque church of San Blas is a unique piece: a small window of cross-shaped stone. It leaves the town heading back up to the Abadiat Savella. 11.31 km (794 m). Savella of Abadiat. Branching at the entrance of the village. Turn right (N), passed by the side of the house of Grand Savella and made to St. Pere´s church, a Romanesque building dating from the late XII was declared historical monument in 1977. Inside, it retains an image-size polychrome Gothic St. Peter (fourteenth century). Further up, on top of the hill are the remains of the castle. From St. Peter, you can see Forès, located about 5 km between cultivated fields and some patches of forest. Environments have been used for the installation of a large wind farm. It gets the fork from the entrance of the village (11.81 km, 793 m) and take the wide track to the right that leads down to the SE and leaving two turnoffs to the left. 14.12 km (727 m). It ends at the asphalt track in Forès. Continue straight in the direction of the march towards the S for 450 meters, where you take a track on the right (NO, 14.55 km, 735 m) which amounts to doing Forès shortcut. Beside the houses in the Marina, where there is a significant cross term, it comes back to court Conesa. 15.63 km (814 m). Take right (NOT) the court Conesa and Roquefort path to where the GR 175. Here is a Gothic transept known as the Cross of Roquefort. On one side you have the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus and an angel that makes him stand, the other is the crucifix. It rises to Forès a stretch of steep slope. 16.00 km (860 m). Forès. From this vantage point perched natural basin, glimpse a magnificent view of the area. There should visit the church of St. Miquel, originally a Romanesque building dating from XIII single nave is now devoid of the apse. In s. XIV, two side chapels were added which have resulted in a false floor of a Latin cross. It has two doors at noon, the oldest is decorated with four columns on each side carved tympanum and voussoirs of broad semicircle. It contains a reproduction of a Gothic image of the Virgin of Health placed the Diocesan Museum of Tarragona. It departs from the village and take the road to the west. It passed the City Council to reach a large pond, where a second protruding transept remarkable. 16.65 km (794 m). Cross the Pond, trunk and octagonal spire, where you can see four apostles and a round shield with the cross Templar. The cross is in a corner, the Virgin and child, and in the other, Jesus Christ. The base is decorated with floral motifs. It falls right down the road that heads north, toward Fennel, where the GR was 171, and left the road and left the GR 175 (O). 17.45 km (760 m). Creu de la Bassa. Continue straight (N) always following the main track and ignoring some minor deviations on either side until you come again, the Fennel, now the side opposite to where it has gone before. 21.32 km (614 m). It leads to the track access from Passanant Fennel. On the right is the church of San Blas. It goes back to making a turn off the entrance to the village, where he rediscovers the path of return, which continues in NE to return to court Saladern. 23.43 km (582 m). Having crossed the river Seniol, access to the court Saladern. Turn left (NW) and continues to this well-drawn wide track that descends gently along the valley to the road in Vallfogona Guimerá. 26.18 km (549 m). Road T-241 Vallfogona of Riucorb. On the other side of the road, stands a slender chimney of an old brickyard. Must take it to the right, towards the east, near the mill and pass the string of unique appearance, are actually two medieval flour mills, the top and the bottom. Top of the restored and converted into housing, has a medieval tower rounded doorway machicolation voussoirs and defensive. The Low, which still works, still inside the old structure. The road continues beyond (E) and reached Vallfogona. 27.75 km (560 m). Vallfogona Riucorb of starting point and end of the tour. You must visit this historical town, where are the old, castle and medieval Gothic church of Santa Maria, which s. XVII ruled the great poet and writer Vicente Garcia, known as Rector Vallfogona. Landmarks Obaga del Comet Church of San Blas Fonoll Church of Santa Maria and San Lorenzo Spa Vallfogona Forest of Saladern Church of Sant Pere de Savella Counties: Conca de Barberá Distance: 27.75 miles Climb Slope: 660.0 m Descent Altitude: 660.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 2 h 15 min Topics: Sport | Nature | Culture Types: Cultural Heritage     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 30/09/2010

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