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Round trip through the Vally of the river Corb

Barberà de la Conca
Round trip through the Vally of the river Corb

 Itinerary for the area between the counties of Urgell, Segarra and Conca de Barberá which runs through the rugged landscape of the Corb River Valley, with beautiful corners that must be covered. The route to meet interesting people for its architectural heritage, particularly of Guimerà and Vallfogona Riucorb. The starting point is at the center of S Tàrrega Reguer sports park, in front of the municipal sports center. 0.00 km (369 m). The starting point of the park in SW along the football field up the street St. Pere Claver (C-14), which continues to the left (S). It goes on Avenida de Tarragona, it takes the right (SW). Then take the first street on the left (SE) straight to the end and ends at a track before leaving to the right (SW) that comes from a turning Verdú, where it again later. 0.80 km (371 m). from Mas de Bondia way to the end of the town. Continue along the track slowly rising to the SE side and leaving turnoffs on both sides. At 1.83 km (412 m), crosses the Segarra-Garrigues canal. 4.72 km (496 m). Crossing the border district courts between Urgell and Segarra. To the right (SO) is to Verdun, to the left (E) in Granyena of Segarra. Take the middle track (s), which is closer and makes descent. Leave a deviation to the right (E, 5.05 km, 476 m), crossing the track and the stream Granyena Vilagrasseta (5.37 km, 449 m) and then go back for deep Plans, s 'reaches a new cross between almond groves (5.87 km, 496 m). Here you must turn left (E) and descend to the road in Montornès Verdú de Segarra (LV-2101). 6.52 km (464 m). Take the road left (E) is about 50 m turn right (SE) for the asphalted road that leads to the Mas de Bondia. 7.30 km (497 m). Mas de Bondia. We turn a small square with a fountain and ascend to the street east of St. Bartholomew, who turns up in a wide track that was following in the direction SE. It goes soft Rabassoles hill, where it leaves a path that leads to Mas de Bondia, and continues to the SE. Beyond, is a deviation to the right that leads to Guimerá (SO, 11.01 km, 619 m). Continue to the left (S), the track falls in E and, crossing the plane of the Bear, do any of the Almond Segarra. 14.02 km (684 m). L'Ametlla de Segarra, where you can visit the Romanesque church of St. Pere and the castle tower. It leaves the village to the E to the road, pass the left and the cemetery, a few meters ahead (14.96 km, 691 m), take a track on the right (S / SE) . It continues to leave the main track turnoffs to the left side. It revolves OS and following the bottom of Comescures, reached Vallfogona of Riucorb. 17.09 km (557 m). Vallfogona of Riucorb. It's worth visiting the old ones. It passes through the Corb River bridge and leave the road T-224, which is taken to the left (E). Continuing east along the road leaving the valley to the left (N) the Vallfogona Spa (18.59 km, 583 m). Further, crossing the GR 171, which, to the right (SW), go directly to Segura. 20.38 km (610 m). Leave the road that turns north making a left turn to cross the Corb River by a bridge. Take the paved path that, in the same direction of the march continues toward E. Immediately, it falls to S (20.55 km, 618 m) and rises continuously up to the TV-2244, which in Conesa Savallà County (23.51 km, 783 m). It follows the left (SE / E) to visit Savallà County and twelfth century castle, with two large antennae on the back. Then it becomes the last crossing, left to right (NW) where the deflection has been reached, and below 75 m (25.26 km, 778 m), broken right (OS) for track Segura back gently until the plans of the well. 28.23 km (789 m). The road to Vallfogona Conesa (T-243) and leads to the small town of Segura, where you can see the castle. It runs through the village to be located in your hand or where, at the entrance of the village is located next to the spa GR 171 Vallfogona. 28.74 km (791 m). Landing in the western entrance of Segura, in the corner of Carrer nou. Should be directed to the O and down to the farmhouse Saladern taking the path that uses the GR, which soon becomes a nice trail with sections of technical downhill. There is the possibility of reaching a Saladern track, 90 meters north of the landing is diverted to the left (O). Below (29.83 km, 652 m), can also take a wide path that goes left (E / SE) and, after the U turn, turned it on track, s 'linking back to the itinerary. Both routes converge in NE Saladern farmhouse, visible close to the other side of the river Seniol (described second in 30.16 km, 607 m, and the first at 30.38, 609 m). If you have come this far north for the variant (the track), the counter will 31.10 km (0.72 miles to the road). Continue along the main track towards the left or leaving access to the house. Later (31.51 km, 582 m), the GR goes to the left (OS) in the direction Fennel and Forès. Continue straight (NO) and descends gently to the valley Seniol following the peaceful course of the creek to Mill Chain, at the foot of the road T-241. 34.27 km (547 m). Moli de la Cadena. Take the T-241 to the left (O) to Guimerà (37.30 km, 502 m). Needed a visit to the historic old town, especially in the church of San Sebastian and the castle that dominates the population. The road continues beyond (O / NO) to the end of the village. 37.87 km (504 m). Branching. Leave the road and climb to the right (N) or following access to the village. It bends and turns left (NO) by way of leaving Bovera Guimerá right (E). It surrounds a single transept, and above it on the plane, a track that crosses to the left (O), leading to the shrine Bovera (39.00 km, 577 m). Continue straight (NO) all gently downhill, always the main track, to Verdun. Shortly before this population converges to the right (SE, 43.86 km, 457 m), another track, also coming from Guimerà signposted with white and red GR 3, which is from here continue to Tarrega. 44.30 km (441 m). Verdú, where stands the Romanesque church of Santa Maria, with their magnificent home, the castle, the old and the production of a well-made pottery craft. Leave them soaking right (SE, 44.97 km, 424 m) road Montornès de Segarra (LV-2101), where, beyond 40 meters, breaking the left (NOT ) by way of letting Tarrega on the right (E) the fountain of Santa Magdalena. The route heads north following the GR 3 to Tarrega. The track just before the street used to go out of town, which now takes on the left (NO, 48.51 km, 370 m) to return to the park Reguer. 49.23 km (369 m). Sports City, point of departure and final itinerary. Landmarks Castle Guimerá Streets of Guimerà Mas de Bondia Hill Rabassoles Counties: Conca de Barbera | Segarra | Urgell Distance: 49.23 miles Climb Slope: 860.0 m Descent Altitude: 860.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 4 h 30 min Topics: Sport | Nature | Culture Types: mountain bike hikes     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 21/12/2009

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