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Pratdip : pure nature and legends of vampires

43320 Pratdip
Pratdip and dips

Pratdip is a town of 700 inhabitants located southeast of the Sierra Llaberia pre coastline, an area of lush pure nature, with different routes on foot, by bike or mountain bike to enjoy a incompable landscape. Pratdip also provides an insight into the magical legend of the native vampires, dips, or enjoy the course just a few miles from the nudist beach Torn in Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l' Infant and other prized beaches Costa Dorada like Crystal beach in Mont-roig del Camp, or the beaches of Cambrils and Salou.

Where we are :
  • Pratdip
  • Population: 700 (2013)
  • Coordinates:
Latitude : 41.0509272 (41 ° 3 ' 3.34 "N )
Length : 0.8713863000000401 ( 0 ° 52 ' 16.99 "E)
  • Local festivals :
July 18 , Santa Marina
September 8
  • Typical products :Extra virgin oil DOP Siurana

The Dips

Dips are one of the most fascinating and mysterious legends of Catalonia, which gave its name to the town of Pratdip (prat -meadow- of dips) and are even represented in the municipal coat .

It is said that dogs were black wolf and vampire killing herds and suck the blood of animals. On occasion were seen with their bright eyes and angry and frightened the people.

This story inspired the Catalan writer Joan Perucho to write " Històries naturals " where a vampire ( Onofre Dip ) lived at Castle Pratdip.

Today these dogs vampires are harmless animals that are part of the "Route of the dips”. You can follow the most emblematic places of the people so that in addition to enjoying these extraordinary places where the visitor will discover the hidden dips.

The history of dips and other mountain legends can be found on the Pratdip interpretation center, where is also located the tourist office and you can get information from the Sierra de Llaberia.

Sightseeing in Pratdip

Pratdip is a medieval village with its structure reminiscent of narrow, steep streets to the castle at the highest point and the image characteristic of the people. Note the church of the Nativity of St. Mary and the sanctuary of Santa Marina, just 4 kilometers from the town.

Castle: It was inhabited until the seventeenth century and in 1846 was seriously affected by a strong earthquake. It was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest in 1985 and one of the restoration actions found some remains of a Neolithic burial. Its location on the highest part of the municipality allows exceptional views Pratdip environment.

The church
: it was Romanesque origin and has a vaulted Gothic structure. It houses the Renaissance altarpiece and 1602 the chapel of Santa Marina, where he was rescued during the Civil War. In the south wall of the building is recessed tombstone Jacobus de Carcassonne, 1328, recalling that Pratdip belonged to the most important Catalan noble houses as Castellvell , the Subirats -Sant Martí , Entença, Prades, Cardona and Medinaceli. By surrounding the church is to go through one of the narrow streets of Catalonia, because on one end you have to go sideways.

Tower Defence
: Tower Capet and Ca la Torre. These two defense towers that were part of the wall, which are dated between the thirteenth and fourteenth century. The Capet are 16 meters high and retains the gateway of the town wall and a high side gates. For a while it functions in prison so I also called the "jail ". Ca la Torre has just over 14 meters high and is currently privately owned.

Arcades Cal Sisa: remains of the ancient wall that have been integrated into the houses of the village and now make an urban corridor in which you can still see the original stone building, which is not known whether or medieval Arabic .

Sinks: its present location on the edge of town was not the original, since it was located where today stands the cooperative. Still used occasionally.

Santa Marina: within 4 kilometers of Pratdip going to the T-311 toward Vandellòs Tivissa, find the sanctuary or chapel of Santa Marina. The temple also has several buildings (such as the hermits house, the house of the source or the old spa) and sources with great reputation for the quality of the waters and healing powers that are granted  especially the liver, bile and stomach). The sanctuary had a Renaissance altarpiece, which is currently in the church of Pratdip, and other Baroque 1730 which was destroyed during the Civil War. Since the restoration of democracy has made a significant effort recovery of space, which has managed to return to the sanctuary it looked at the time of peak in the eighteenth century. So in 2002 a new altarpiece that reproduces the life of Santa Marina and murals were performed inside was installed. Formerly in the feast of St. Marina, on July 18, a large party that came many young people who participated in the "Ball of Marxant " held for dating .

Pure nature

Pratdip is the gateway to the Sierra de Llaberia from the beaches of the Costa Dorada. This territory, by its steep and craggy structure is a relatively unknown area and has preserved its natural values. It has a unique geology of inaccessible cliffs where eagles find their ideal habitat or Mediterranean tortoise . The Sierra de Llaberia also has over 120 inventoried natural sources, most of them recovered by the Consortium of the same name.

The topography of the area allows climbing and make great hiking and mountain biking with different difficulty levels (from low to medium or medium-high) and enjoy magnificent views of the Costa Dorada from any high point.

The uniqueness of the area each year makes it imperative scenario RallyRACC Catalunya- Costa Dorada, scoring round of the World Rally Championship.

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