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Programme of the 2010 Sant Pere Festivity

Tuesday, 1 19.30 in CAL MASS ART CENTRE, book presentations Lines cruzadas by Alvar Calvet, with the collaboration of matters Rosés and John Rom. Wednesday, 2 During the afternoon in the Place de Anton Borrell, viviremos territorial phase Ok the Titans of Buenos Aires, large roller hockey championship to be decided on in our city. This is Torneo retransmitirá by TV3. 18:00 pm in Central Library children's room, La hora del cuento. Plenary Tales of the Maghreb in charge of Neil and Raul Benbey Costafreda, Concejalía offered from the Solidarity and Cooperation. 20:00 am in St. Peter's Square, dressed in the new presentation of the Acompañamiento Vitxeta with the Mule and the rest of the city of Los Gigantes. The dress has designed it Josep M. Houses, inspired by the Delphos dress, a pleated silk tunic I think that Mariano Fortuny Madrazo reconocido couturier of the nineteenth century. This new costume has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the cheap property. Sábado, 3 THE COCA with Cherry All day in the Plaza de Anton Borrell, the tie viviremos Ok the Titans Catalunya. At 09:00 and at 16:00 hours from Campania, Toque de Fiesta, in charge of the membership of the Montsant AEG MD and MD-Mercy V Cumbre, campaneros City. At the same time, from the town hall, exit pasacalles Mule and the Giants to traverse the streets of the city. From 10.00 to 13.00 h and 17.00 to 20.30, in the atrium of San Sebastian, in the Plaza DEL CASTILLO, the dancing egg. 10:30 in the Plaza del Mercadal, dances of the Mule and Giants for all the children of the schools while the typical cake begins with Cherry. From 18.30 to 21.30 in the Plaza de la Libertad, Fiesta del Juego, del Deporte and leisure. Different activities for children and youth: table tennis, basketball, football, and Ritmos zone dances and other activities lúdicas. 19:00 pm in the Plaza del Mercadal, arrival of the Mule and Giants, for all that dancing to the sounds of clarinet music. During the ACT, with Cherry tasting cake for all and all, with the collaboration • preparation of the Collective and the oven Masclets Sistaré, which this year celebrates the Centenary. 20:00 pm in the Reading Centre, the tour slideshow Section tripper who DID Center Reading Mallorca, charge Joan Rivers. 20:00 pm in ROOM FOUR Museum of Art and History, openings the exhibition of the School of Art and Design in Reus. FRIDAY, 4 All day in the Plaza de Anton Borrell, final phase viviremos Ok the Titans of Andalusia, with the categories absolutas masculinas y femeninas. From 10.00 to 13.00 h and 17.00 to 20.30, in the atrium of San Sebastian, in the Plaza del Castillo, the dancing egg. 10:30 in the Plaza del Mercadal, dances of the Mule and Giants for all the children of the GUARDERÍAS, which tested the traditional coca with Cherry. 12:20 pm in the Plaza Mercadal, "Hora H" Radio Cadena Ser Reus makes a special program devoted to the declaration of San Pedro as Fiesta Assets of National Interest. 17:00 in La Palma, casting to participate In the course of film and television for youth 14 to 20 years. From 18.30 to 21.30 in the Plaza de la Libertad, Fiesta del Juego, del Deporte leisure and business. Different activities for children and youth. 20:00 pm in the central hall of the Museo de Arte e Historia, openings The exhibition "Gene Modesto, a sculptor between two worlds." Saturday, 5 From 9.00 to 14.00 in the Plaza de La Libertad y through the streets of the Núcleo old, Gincana Children of San Pedro, which offers us the Youth International Chamber of Reus. From 10.00 to 13.00 h and 17.00 to 20.30, in the atrium of San Sebastian, in the Plaza DEL CASTILLO, the dancing egg. From 10.00 h all day in the Plaza de la Libertad, Fiesta del Juego, sport and leisure. Different activities for children and youth. 11:00 pm in the Plaza del Mercadal, presentation of the Small Vitxeta with the participations of the Negritos gigantones Tarragona Small, Small Giants from Vilafranca, Mulasseta the Devils and the Dance Kids Reus. The Chamber madrina of Commerce is the establishment of small Vitxeta the cheap, the godmother of the Vitxeta small. Developed by the Los Gigantes is the artist Ramon Ferran. 12.00 from the bell tower of the Priory, Toque de Fiesta, which we announced Festivities last night from Corpus Christi. 12:00 has LA PALMA, Parsley's Reus_muts offers us. You can enjoy the terrace bar with the ACTUACIÓN in direct Màmbola while sipping a good vermouth. 17:00 hal'ARXIU Historic Inauguration of the new Historic Archive in consejero charge of Culture and Media, Joan Manuel Tresserras and Gaju. 18:00 am afraid streets of Old Town, the Colca pasacalles the parties. Music for Pipes and invite the fiesta. 19:00 pm in the Plaza del Mercadal, PROCLAMATION OF THE MAYOR FIESTA FIESTA DE SAN PEDRO PROPERTY AS OF NATIONAL INTEREST. Cone Exit all Parts of extraordinary holidays City Encendida exceptional storm, with the collaboration of fireworks Like. Next,, great estallido of fiesta, dancing with the joint and touch all Parts General bells from the Priory. I'll take part in the celebration Canyon, the Baile de Diablos, La Vibra, the Dragon, the Basilisk, the Leon, el Toro, the Nanos, the Mule, Los Gigantes, the Carrasclet The Old Ball and Ladies, the Baile de Pere Joan Barceló, the Baile of Galeras, the horses Baile, Baile of the Cercolets the Primo Baile, the dance of Valencia, the poles of the Folk Dance of Santa Lucia, the Dance of Father John of Vic, the Gypsy Dance, Dance of the sticks the EDOR, the Eagle Xiquets Reus. Next, in the Plaza del Mercadal, tasting cake with Cherry world's largest, Reus gentileza Radio Cadena SER and the pies Franquet, fear Proclamation celebrating. 19.30 LA PALMA, Sàpiens the game, competition design by arranging cultural Parsley's audiovisual formats. To participate you got to make groups of six people and apuntaros on the web. The benefits of this Contest will be allocated to the NGOs and Aqaba on Dentistas users. 21:00 pm at the Teatro Bartrina, Grupo Joven de la Escuela de Teatro Reading Center we offer you work theater of the inn, Carlo Goldini. SUNDAY, 6 THE Profesa corpus Pools from 6:30 pm Municipal exit walk XIV Reus - Prades - Reus. La prueba will go to the XIII Catalan Cup Trek Resistance. A MOTION of the Mountaineering Association Reus Catalonia. 10.00 from Campania, Toque de Fiesta, which will announce the departure of Giants from City Hall to traverse the streets of the city. From 10.00 to 13.00 h and 17.00 to 20.30, in the atrium of San Sebastian, in the Plaza DEL CASTILLO, the dancing egg. 10.00 Plaza de la Libertad, exit walk Popular organized by the Concejalía del Deporte. With the collaboration of Reus Sport and Leisure. 12:30 pm in the Priory of St. Peter Mass celebrations. 18.00 from Campania, the Toque Fiesta, announced that the IDA of the Nanos, the Mule, Giants Eagle from the City Hall to the Priory of St. Peter. 18:30 pm in Priory of St. Peter Hazards religious concelebration of Misa. 19:30 Profesa corpus. Toque General Fiesta. PROCESSION encabezada them by Nanos, the Mule, Giants Eagle will continue courting the religious con la cruz procesional, Representatives of the banners and estandartes cofradías with them, which make children and girls first communion, the choir and the chapel of Singers, under the Holy Palio, and the vicarios párrocos of the parroquias and the prior. Close the procession the faithful, the Eucharistic cantando HYMNS. In different places of the route may select to see carpets of flowers. Route: Piazza San Pietro, the Fossar Old Street, Suburb of San Pedro Street San Pedro Apostol, Hospital street, the street Jail, Flour Square, Calle Santa Ana, Santa Ana Arrabal, Plaza Prim, Monterols street, plaza Mercadal, and Mayor Street Piazza San Pietro. 20:45 pm in the Plaza del Mercadal, Festivities end of the Corpus of the dances with the latest Nanos, the Mule, Giants and the Eagle. 21:00 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, Representations of the theater building on the new code of poppy family Moroccan. Written and directed by the playwright Naima Zitan Mistress. MARTIN, octave 20:00 pm in the central hall of the Central Library, the debate about human rights in Morocco, with Raissouni Yusuf, president of the Section Rabat of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights. Wednesday, 9 17:30 pm in the pavilion OLYMPIC CITY, We make Choral Concert, this year under the slogan "The Fountain Square." With the shares in the alumnado of the different schools of the city. 18:00 pm in the auditorium of the child LIBRARY CENTRAL, the time of the fairy, with cuentos en inglés. 19:30 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, conference "Nuevos ritual holidays," people with affiliates in the holidays Granollers, Mataró, Tarragona and Reus. Within the third edition of Cyclo Talks of "Hablamos de Fiesta", coordinated by Carrutxa. JUEVES, 10 19:30 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, Presentations Opuscula Josep Ferré (a) Quer, explanations Carnival Reus and there during the holidays that year. Acto immediately Colloquium on Communication folk: the romance in the red. Within the cyclone of Talks "Hablamos de Fiesta", coordinated by Carrutxa. 20:00 pm in room CENTRE ACT READING, clack reason for the 150 years of the first exit hikers to observe the eclipse of the sun 18-07-1860, in charge of Andrew Martin, organized by the Mountaineering Section with the collaboration of Technology Section. FRIDAY, 11 From 17:30 to 23:30 pm in the Plaza de La FREEDOM, Reus Wine alive. Participan the DO Conca de Barbera Montsant, Priorat, Tarragona, Terra Alta and Buenos Aires. Encontraréis a space Children, in charge of Mas Pintado. 19:00 in the Centro de Arte CAL MASS, PAM_10 (Multimedia Art Program). Plenary 4: "Lyrical and cuerpo. Electronic Performers and Nuria Font. 20:30 pm in Room SAINT LUCIA, designing two movies ganadoras the 27th International Festival Film and Mountain Adventure Torello. In charge of the Mountaineering Association of Catalonia Reus. 22:30 pm on ANTON PLAZA BORRELL, with the reason for the Wine Fair Vive Reus, Concierto de Quico el Celio, and the Boy Muting Ferrer, who RETURN with its latest work under the Braz. OCO! is, for these trials and for the public, your best work, always with the spirit of But more and Matures rompedores. SATURDAY, 12 08.00 to 14.00 OF THE FESTIVAL IN THE PARK, Reus Pony Express, with two pruebas a gincana and a career for both ponies for as horses. The ACT it organizes the Friends of the Horse. From 10.30 to 13.30 in the Plaza de ANTONIO SABATER ESTEVE (Plaza de las Aguas), demonstrative workshop "Construction of a solar car "in charge of Eucolúdic. 12:00 pm in the Plaza de las Pescaderías Viejas, Parsley's Reus_muts proposes us. You can enjoy of terraces / bar with live ACTUACIÓN the Three Rockers while Enjoy a good vermouth. From 17:30 to 23:30 pm in the Plaza FREEDOM, Sydney vive the wine. Feria de las designations of origin the scope of the Chamber of Reus. ACHIEVE them with a gift TICKETS encontraras that in the same fair and the Market in Mercadal. 18:00 pm in the Plaza del Mercadal, Mercadal arrive at the Market to its twelfth edition. We make a jump in and give us time to trasladamos Mercadal Cincuentín the years, to buy the product we offer them the friends Bravium Theatre Association Parade of the Mercado Central de Reus and the Friends of the Lower Horse Camp. This year, as NOVEDAD the car with them avellanas of Saco. 18:00 pm in the pavilion OLYMPIC CITY, top of 24 hours of football. Offered from the Association Catalan Sport for All. 18:30 pm in the Plaza del Castillo, presentation of small goat, with the participations of Mulasseta Small and Vitxeta them, the Devils Kids Dance, the Dragon and the small little Vibra Tarragona. 18:30 am afraid old, street theater of the Company with the Tal and its spectacular Las Pompiers. Bomberos alocados very few bone apagando surprise them cooker traveler may wish to be found. 18:30 pm in the Plaza del Castillo, Day Castellera of flour. The group will perform Xiquets Reus ACCOMPANIED BY Margeners Guissona Bordegassos them and Vilanova. Half hour before, from the Plaza Prim, in Bajada pasacalles groups of them to the Piazza San Pietro. 22:30 pm on ANTON PLAZA BORRELL, with the reason for the Wine Fair Vive Reus, Reus dancing in charge of the choir. A band of 9 músicos a chorus of 40 voices and to make non-stop fiesta and dance to the sounds of soul, gospel, pop, rock, samba. SUNDAY, 13 9:00 Plaza Mercadal, concentrations of XIV Rally Historic rental Costa Dorada, organized by the crank 600 Club Classic Historic Reus. The exit of the rally will be at 10:30 pm From 17.30 to 22.00 in the Plaza de La FREEDOM, Reus vive the wine. The last opportunity to sample and buy wines of our country. 18:00 pm on Bravium Theater, performances of the work of the Las Delicias home, for a vaudeville reír Ciurana led by James. 20:00 pm in the Priory of St. Peter Concert of Organ and Chamber Choir, with the Chamber Choir Manuel Cabrero, led by Juan Martinez and Josep M. Mas Bonet in organs. MONDAY, 14 18:00 pm in the Plaza del Castillo, in charge of the Concert Orchestra Chamber of Puigcerver School, which we interpret different styles of music: classical, jazz or rock. MARTIN, 15 10:00 am in the Hall of PLENOS Town Hall, Public Hearing Citizens Council on Children. Children and Girls' Schools of the participants Proposals that would expose us have the trabajado along the course on responsible consumption. 17:00 MAS in Vilanova, openings of the comprehensive rehabilitation Mas Vilanova. 19:30 MAS in Vilanova, ACT closing them organizados courses Center for Linguistic Normalization Area Reus Michael Ventura. You will know the brand new facilities in this new space CNL recovered. Wednesday, 16 18:00 pm in Central Library children's room, La Hora del Cuento, with Little, in charge of the fireworks Monica Marine. Seguidamente los alumnos de la Escuela Mercy guitar performances make an Catalanas popular songs. 20:00 pm in the lobby of the Teatro Bartrina, acto de openings Francis's exhibition fotografías Magrané Pellice. Jueves, 17 15/11 09:15 there is the Plaza de SABATER ANTONIO ESTEVE (square las Aguas), exit on the tour bus to make the treatment plant waste waters from the ponds and Reus Pinwheel. 19.30 in Centro de la Imagen MORE CHURCHES, openings of exhibition Jaume Borras. 20:00 pm in the auditorium of the Reading Centre acts, designing the film Youth normal, Ali Essafia. 20.30 in RINCON DE LA PALMA, offers us the MCAA 20 º Festival Blues and other hot spices with Barcelona ReusBlues Bluegrass Band (CAT). The style is a bluegass melodico Appalachian mountains of newborns in the United States that feeds the blues, jazz and Celtic music. FRIDAY, 18 18.00 from La Palma, Reus Nanos them, five vehicles in Vintage, divide the program Fiesta Mayor all over town. A car is directed to the north of the city passing through different neighborhoods to get to Centro Cívico Mestral, the second to the east to reach the center Cívico Levante, the third in the south until you reach Center Cívico Migjorn; the room, west, until you reach Mas Inglés ultimate in downtown, walking recorriendo the suburbs, the street and Plaza Mercadal Monterols to City Hall where, as every year, the program will offer to simbólicamente Fiesta Mayor de Sant Pere 2010. Cívicos centers will do it with a cake for all the chocolatada Public wizard completes. 20:00 in the Sala Fortuny CENTER READING openings exhibition on the time Bordando "Angel Corral. 20:00 in the Centro de Arte CAL MASS, inaugurations of the exhibition "concern nomadismos contemporary" Mireia Feliu. 21:00 pm at the Teatro FORTUNY, The Seagull Anton Chéjov. A lake. Becoming an author, Kosta, Montego You Type a cutting edge, and to achieve the devastating Approval Mistress of her mother, Arkadina. She, a famous Moscow Actresses, Becoming an author with a sale but consolidated Trigorin. Nina, the inexperienced and Actresses Kosta platonic love, huye de la pareja, y vuelve al lago confiesa Trigorin love. Has LA PALMA 22:30, 20 ReusBlues with The Walking Stick Man Blues Band (Artist BluesCat '10) and Dede Priest & Band (the United States - the Netherlands). Authentic Chicago blues band, with a spectacular and direct that the combined compositions Repertorio OWN Clásicos de los 50 y and 60. To continue, for its powerful Rate the voice is often to look as the blues queen candidate. SATURDAY, 19 All day in the nes facilities • SPORTS REUS, Cataluña conclusion of the championship Patinaje Art. With the participations of senior and junior categories. 10.00 Plaza de la Libertad, "Reus Manage, Reduce, reuse and Recycle. "Presentation of the new service, cleaning and pickup. Avanza Reus city by being a more sustainable and efficient. get to know them to sell new vehicles, the updates; Game of the new service and to make a better city. From 11.00 hours from the Casa Rull, monumental tour. Visitas caracterizadas driven, where descubriremos the true history of monuments, buildings and plazas of the city. Offered from the Stable Theatre Company Baix Camp (TEBAC) with a reason for your 30th anniversary. 12:00 is the Rosewood Plaza, Parsley's inviting us to "Reus_ Dumb. "You can enjoy the terrace bar with the actions of the Jumbled Orquestrina while sipping a good vermouth. 12.00 from the CP Collbató exit of the XXI edition Marcha de la Montserrat-Reus. The time period to edge facilities vacation • C. F. Reddit de Reus at 12.00 am on Sunday 20. 18:00 pm in the Plaza del Mercadal, castellera Day in San Pedro, which already reached this year in its edition XXIX. Participants of the Colla Vella de Valls Xiquets, the Xiquets Tarragona and Reus Xiquets them, trying them primeros castles eight of the season. 18:30 pm in SHOPPING THE Pallol, with the musical pasacalles ACTUACIÓN the group of minstrels reusense Los Trestocats. 19:00 From Casa Rull in the street of San Juan, tour monumental. Visitas caracterizadas driven, where descubriremos the true history of monuments, buildings and plazas of the city. Offered from the Stable Theatre Company Baix Camp (TEBAC) with a reason for your 30th anniversary. 19.30 in REUS, SPORTS Gala International Patinaje Art. 21:00 pm at the Teatro FORTUNY, representations of the work of Anton La Gaviota Chéjov. Becoming an author to achieve the Montego a You Type Approval of his mother, also Mistress. 22:30 is the Old Pescaderías, Beef and rice dinner, the dish the Fiesta Mayor in charge of the group and Concierto shrapnel. Coordinated by the Bou Reus and Casal Despertaferro. Contribute Borrull House, Fruit, Lists Verduras, Horn Cabré, Müller and cooperative Arrossaires Delta del Ebro. 22:30 pm on La Palma, 20 ReusBlues. Once more, blues stage at this occasion at hand Xavi Reija Electrical Trio (CAT) and Naco Goñi & Stevie Zee Blues Reunion (Madrid - GB). European best creations and its confirmation Final Project for a Libertarian and energetic. Naco Goñi and Stevie Zee, a harmonicist and a guitarist and singer will have to submit original theme and coupled Classical Blues. SUNDAY, 20 All day in the nes • facilities SPORTS REUS, Cataluña conclusion of the championship Patinaje Art. With the shares in the junior and senior categories. 18:00 am afraid streets of the center, pasacalles of percussion with the group The Black Horn, furious that we Sessions to be offered batucada rhythms. 18:30 pm in the Theatre Bravium, gala magic family. The Society of Magi and illusionists in Cataluña Reus together with us are particularly Bravium Theater gala is full of magic and illusion. 19:00 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, presentations Baile de Pastoret Reus. This will include dancing to woo festive city il'apadrinarà the Dance Gypsy. 19:00 pm in the Chamber SAINT LUCIA, LOBO'S Theatre premiere the work SF/87 Teatro del libro de Treinta extraída Jorge Silva Ya tengo thirty. A comedy of relationships, a generational comedy, very well built, with a few brilliant Dialogues is intended for an audience that young people who may feel identified. 20:00 pm in the Rincon de la Palma, the concierto latest 20th edition of the festival ReusBlues with Carles Benavent Quartet (CAT - Culture Tour), which gives us a lively and cheerful music. MARTIN, 22 19:00 LA PALMA, ensayo woo the festive city. The different Parts of Festivo woo will make the last essay before the Fiesta Mayor Acompañamiento with the music of the Band of the Fiesta Mayor, open to all. 21:00 pm at the Teatro Bartrina, bequeathed Sonar Nights tour, which bridges the NCB instrumental group with the 216 American, experimental artist Tristan Perich. This visual and sound artist is inspired to create works of science, as is a sneak peak Active Field, its latest piezo. Also be added Guillamino that we will hold part of its new disco. Wednesday, 23 THE MIRACLES OF SAN JUAN 11:00 pm in the Plaza de ANTONIO SABATER ESTEVE (Plaza de las Aguas) space with water spectacle "The magic of water." If the check quieres fantastic transformation capacity of the Water and unveil some of the secrets that hides, sells. You Can not miss it now! 17:40 pm at Plaza del Mercadal, date of fire from Canigou the path of Tarragona, which relieves us bear with the children and girls of School Joan Rebull recorriendo the suburbs to walk to the Plaza del Mercadal. From 18.00 h during the whole afternoon, more than forty towns and cities of our comarcas, sell calls to collect the light for the Canigou hogueras, such as the costumbre from Reus in 1972. 18:00 pm in the bell tower of the Priory of St. Peter at the point most pináculo height of the largest, Izadi the flag of Reus. 18:00 is the Central Library, from starting the festive pasacalle with the giant Carrasclet reason for the Day of the Catalan Countries. The pasacalle be directed onto the streets of Old Town. 18:30 pm in the Plaza del Mercadal, dancing with the verse of sardanas Reus. Each year as the comfort and carrying the llama, the first salsa dance of the evening. 18:30 am afraid streets of the center, Peter John Baile del pasacalles Barceló. 21:00 to Plaza del Mercadal, Encendida hoguera of San Juan, in charge of Mr. .. Verjuice Estadella George, president of the Center for Reading Reus Entity that this year celebrates the 150 years. 22:00 am afraid streets of the center, with the Goat Pasacalles of Fire, which this year celebrated the 30 ° anniversary, with the shares of Devils Dance, Dance of the Devils child, the Dragon, the Little Dragon, the Goat and the Little Vibra . Parcours: Mercadal Square, Mayor Street, the street PURISIMA Concepcion Square Theatre, the Abbey Street, Flour Square, street Aleu Donotea street, street and square of Glass Mercadal. 22:30 pm THE FESTIVAL IN THE PARK, Barracas Fiesta Mayor "FesTOUR 2010", a festival of music in Catalan itinerante that takes us Kayo Malayo, Muyayo Rif, and Che Sudaka Jeque! The first group, with its latest album Who gave birth to us! We offer an unstoppable ska-fusion that will make us all jump. Muyayo Rif, for its part, we will present its latest album Costrumón, with a spectacular full of Fuerza. Finish Che Sudaka night the group, provenientes de Argentina and Colombia, with a very distinctive style wrought with them eight years of career, and Jeque! Rasquera of that group with its rhythmic blend based ska will make us endure to the end. Jueves, 24 The crier 18:30 From Casa Rull, exit the pasacalles the Canyon of the parties. Follow with your music and the pipes that anuncian fiesta! 18:30 pm in the Plaza de Evaristo FA-bregas the Galiot Theatre Company we offer you the spectacular puppets Bernard fisherman. In this spectacular the pieces after a disaster, Bernardo Enseñat How care the sea. 18:30 pm in the Plaza de PRIM, performances of the Folk Santa Lucia, with a display of traditional Catalan danza. 19:00 am afraid streets of the center, the Ox pasacalles Reus, accompanied tamborileros cuadrilla of them. 19.30 in the Plaza del Mercadal, Giants and dances of the Mule How to start the fiesta of the city. 20:00 pm in the Hall of PLENOS Town Hall, deep in the Fiesta Mayor charge of Mrs. Mariona Square Monteverde Maestro de cuisine, Degree in Philology and communicator who has Sabidó Moving the kitchen at The Books and the countryside people, that it has become a referente in the entire country. At the Finish, delivery Thunder Fiesta 2010. At the Finish, the criers will make the Fiesta to appeal from the balcony of City Hall, with the music of the Acompañamiento Ministrers Vilanova. Next,, the first encenderá Tormenta. During the deep divide up the postcard Festivo protagonizada woo number 24 on this occasion, by the Basilisk. Finish to the throne, heralds the start of the pasacalles Masclets, with the first tasting, from the Plaza del Mercadal. Nuevamente, takes the character of the pasacalles courted with the participations of different holidays and different acompañamientos Parts music. The danger is not allocated gratuitamente, but it can buy them every day of establishments during the fiesta. 21:30 pm in the Priory of St. Peter, the traditional fiesta concierto Mayor of Reus choir, under the direction of Albert Galcerà. LA PALMA is 22:00, with the fourteenth Meeting of Habaneras local groups Voces de Reus, Estate of Caña Dulce and sloop. Burnt rum tasting for everyone. 22:30 pm THE FESTIVAL IN THE PARK, Barracas Fiesta Mayor with the semifinal of the Youth Music Competition and the mythical Reussona Celtas Cortos. After twelve years Road Map of the Music Competition for Youth will be renamed and renew with the number of REUSSONA. The six groups participating in the semi-final it will be given on all Updated to achieve a stage in the final. Acabaremos referente a night with music from all the generations, Celtas Cortos, with the tour of his latest album 40 April, and Repertorio sing either the new songs more like the Classic. 23:00 pm Gardens of REUSFUSIÓ, walk in Atlantic 36, with DJ Cruasam MEETING. FRIDAY, 25 As of 10:00 am in the Gaudí Centre, free of charge driven visits to Gaudí Centre DEF with the anniversary of the birth of Antoni Gaudí in Reus on 25 June 1852. How NOVEDAD, this year are tours comentadas center they will be in Catalan, and he also can see the new exhibition space "Gaudí's original nature." There you make your reservation on telephone 977010670. 13:00 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, and vermouth with concierto Arnella James is active in the last Romancero the Catalan Countries, a good narrator of the stories that form part Imaginary satire of the collective. Escucharemos its romance, accompanied by the sound of the accordion and clarinete. For public tasting vermouth assistant. 18:30 am afraid streets of the center, the pasacalles Baile de Damas y Viejos. But speak in full will do the dance of the Serpiente square, the Piazza San Pietro, the plaza of San Miguel and the garden of the Casa Rull. 18:30 pm in the Plaza de PRIM, dancing with the verse of sardanas Reus Jove. 18:30 From Casa Rull, exit the pasacalle the Canyon. To Whom the verses dedicated satíricos of this year? It has a new opportunity for averiguarlo! 18:30 pm in the Plaza de Evaristo FA-bregas the Cascabeles & Company Copi Raito performed spectacularly in her search of the Brush Iris. In this adventure podremos find out as two people of Earth Grey, where only existed in the black and white, looking brushed the Iris, the only Tool that can back the joy of the colors and in your world. 19:00 pm in the Plaza de la Libertad, with the Orquesta Concierto Selvatana, that we are able to offer you a wide Repertorio ESCUCHAR the great Classical Catalan music. 21:00 pm at the Palace Bofarull, concierto de mayor fiesta del Coro mistral. Concierto a special traditional songbook from regenerative to Mallorca for the arregladas reusense Jose Navas, under the direction of Nuria Francino. 21:00 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, Varieté San Pericos. Las variedades artísticas will accompany this night outdoors, where you can also dine at very popular. It coordinates Bravium Theatre. Contribute Sistaré Horno. 22.00 in the Plaza de reminiscences, performances Fiesta Mayor in charge of the Folk Dance of the choir with the Reus displays different traditional danzas Catalanas. 22:30 pm THE FESTIVAL IN THE PARK, Barracas Fiesta Mayor with the XII Youth Music Competition and the group Reussona Txarrak Berri, who takes us your honest and aggressive rock with the whole energy and Fuerza that characterizes them and the topics Payola su disco, presented in 2009, and it continues true to its style. 23:00 pm in the Plaza de la Libertad, with the Concert Orchestra Selvatana, with a spectacular very varied, a wide selection of different styles of ancient times able to dance very well. 23:00 pm Gardens of REUSFUSIÓ, kills 36 in ride, DJ MEETING with Lupo. SATURDAY, 26 LOS CUERPOS 13:00 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, concierto vermouth with the fanfare of Torredembarra an instrumental that uses e Instrumentos de viento y incorporates percussion instrument as the clarinet soloist. 5pm at the Palm, and Meeting of Quiltters at Reus. 7pm h on the streets of downtown, the Ox correbars of Reus giants Pla de Santa Maria, companyats for Bandarra Street Orchestra, a band that mixes Brazilian rhythms with percussion batucada. At the end correbars in the market square, and delivery of versots Cap Cagarada Porter and the Ox. The correbars pass the following establishments: Carrasclet, Campus, American bar, a port, the apse and fast. 8pm Square has reminiscences, sample hiphop street with the performance of different groups invited. We will offer the coordinator of dance. 21.00 in the garden of the Casa Rull, San Pericu Varieté. Bravium Theatre presents a show with different numbers of music, dance, theater ... There oven Sistaré collaborates. Has the 22:30 Mercadal Square, the film projection Reus the 40s. Movies Borras Josep Bové. Hosted by Image Centre Iglesias Mas Reus (CIMIR). PARK 22.30 in the party, last day of huts Festival with Moussa & the Latin Reggae Band and Dr.. Calypso. Moussa, the singer and bassist of the band 90 Water blessed again with his new group with more fusion of styles and rhythms than ever. Dr. Calypso also returns to our stages, but remain the same forever, and Jamaican rhythms with his 22 year career behind her. In half of the concert performance of the Ox polish. 23:00 pm REUSFUSIÓ the gardens, walk to Kill 36, DJ session Nauzet with Jonay. Sunday, 27 THE FESTIVAL MAYOR SMALL 9:00 pm in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, concentration of motorcycles Vespa fifties (made from 1953 to 1959), with the celebration of 55th anniversary of the founding of the Vespa Club Reus. At 10:00 pm will be towards the market square, where exposed motorcycles is'homenatjarà former associates. From 11 to .00 to 13.00 PARK RAIL, the Association of Friends Ferrocarril de Reus, we offer train travel for children and adults. Do not miss the opportunity to take a curious turn with these vehicles. Of the 11 .30 to 13.00 SQUARE Evaristo Fabregas, workshop soap bubbles for children by the company's Embelat. 13:00 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, concerts and vermouth with the Rondalla Tortosa. This group mixes Jack versada improvised with local issues in the area performed by soloist grandson, as well as some traditional Catalan issue. 18.00 since the Casa Rull, the parade procession Petit, with the participation of children Devils Dance, Dragon small Nanos are small, Mulasseta, Vitxets the children, Dance of the Shepherds small children Cercolets the ball, the ball sticks in the Folk Santa Lucia School for Choral Canes Reus, the first small ball, the ball Valencianets, the gypsy dancing, the children of Xiquets Reus and small Band Parent endeavors. Course: Calle San Juan, Plaza Prim, suburb of Jesus, site of Jesus, Jesus Street, Plaza del Mercadal. Once in place we offer their dance brilliance. 18.00 REUSFUSIÓ the gardens of the Paseo Atlantic 36, with DJ Tangannah session. 18:30 h on the streets of downtown, the parade and Old Ladies Dance. They will dance in front of complete spoken Pubill and Oriol, St. Peter's Square, Mercadal Square Plaza and the Snake. From 17.00 to 20.00 the Plaza Evaristo Fabregas, workshop bubble soap for children by the company's Embelat. 18.30 h from the Casa Rull, parade Canyon. Do not miss Captain, the guerrillas and the pipes and the traditional satirical versots sung. 18:45 is the Plaza de la Libertad, General Exhibition Competition 9th Gang sardana, scoring for the regional championship, with musical accompaniment from the Band Reus. 21:00 Square has Evaristo FA-BREGAS exhibition of dance by coordinator of the dance. 21.00 in the garden of the Casa Rull, San Pericu Varieté. It coordinates Bravium Theatre. Dinner at popular prices, with the collaboration of the oven Sistaré. 21:30 LA PALMA is, recording of "suburb" of Canal Reus TV, with holdings in several local bands: The Dead Satellite, Vitruvius, and Bongo Botrako Febrero. 22:30 has the PLAZA DE LA LIBERTAD, humor, dance, magic and music to Magazine, presented by singer Sam, this year will feature performances by Xtreme Magic, a magic show impressive Eva Lis, hinting supervedet; ballet Moulin Rouge, the action of Reugenio humorist, a clone of a grain of humor in our country. If you have a good time, you can not miss this show, which will surely like. MONDAY, 28 Yesterday THE COMPLETE 9:00 pm from the Bell Priory of St. Peter, Touch Festival in by members of the AEG il'AEG MD MD Mercy Montsant-V peak. 9:00 am from the city council, leaving the Giants' parade, the Nanos il'Àliga to traverse the streets and squares. 12.00 from Bell Priory of St. Peter Touch Fiesta, which we announced on the eve of the feast. 13:00 pm in the garden of the Casa Rull, vermouth-concert with live performance by Pedro Tapias. No need for that gourmet presentations of music. Vermouth for everyone to come. 17.00 from Bell Priory of St. Peter, Touch Party. 17:00 pm the City Council, the Giants parade, the Nanos il'Àliga. 18:00 Rull House, placement of the flag of the rainbow to mark the International Day of Homosexual Liberation. At 19:00 am awards ceremony in the garden and Golden Feather Feather lead atorgaanualment Collective, H2O. 20:00 has the market square, the Holiday Parade in the city Dance of the Devils, the vibrant, the Dragon, the Basilisk, the Lion, the Nanos, the Mule, the Giants, the Carrasclet the Shepherds Dance, Dance of the galleys, the merry dancing, the Dance Cercolets the Dance First, the Valencian Dance, the Dance Sticks Esbart Santa Lucia, the Father John Ball of Vic, Gypsy Dance, the Dance of EDOR sticks, the children from Reus il'Àliga offer us their dances, dances and castles. 20.15 h from the market square, home to the Round Complete the Holiday Parade. Simultaneously, from Bell Priory of Sant Pere Toc Party. 20:45 is the door of the CITY, Ball Solemn short Eagle Reus as greeting to the authorities. 21.00 from the market square, Ida authorities to complete with musical accompaniment of the Banda Sinfónica de Reus. 21:15 is the Priory of St. Peter, solemn Complete. Veneration of the image stored inside St. Peter's Tabernacle of the Priory and locked under three locks, all year long. The keys that open the tabernacle of the stored prior, the Mayor and the former trustee of the Community of Priests. During the celebration may be Gojo hear St. Peter. Accompanies the organ Josep Maria Mas Bonet. Then return the traditional parade and walk to the pillar of casteller Xiquets Reus from the Priory to the door of City Hall. The festival will continue with the dances of the giants and beasts. Once the dances, the Mayor from the balcony of City Hall, showing a white handkerchief, indicates the ignition The storm, which will be followed by an intense firework displays. 2400 is the Plaza de la Libertad, a great festival of St. Peter with La Dama Orchestra. Formed by professionals who love great live music, dancing and the big concerts, and mixing experience with youth, with careful staging and audio visual inventory now and always that leaves no one indifferent. 2400 Square has ANTON BORRELL, couple dancing with Cat and The Rock Apart from the red car. Cat Rock is a rock band version in Catalan. The most famous songs of different groups Catalans are combined with a careful selection of songs of all styles and periods in Catalan. La Banda del Coche Rojo is a set consisting of five guys who have a good season touring the country from end to end with festivals and encouraging an explosive cocktail of music and humor. 2400 LA PALMA has, Night March 20th, with woe, woe, alas, Paella and Thursday Txarly DJ Brown. Live the woe, woe, alas, a good rumba percussion and voices, lack of popular melody and ringing with the palms. Thursday paella, with a clear influence of rumba Catalan, and the texts and casual fun with music of the copla, flamenco or rumba. Brown is an unconditional Txarly Jamaican sounds, soul and funk, is a true expert in Catalan rumba. 24.00 PARK SAN JORGE, Eve of St. Peter by email Parsley's. DJ Wagener, Kimberly Clark DJ, video, ephemeral architecture, etc.. Ingredients that will undoubtedly offer a great party until 6 in the morning. Tuesday, 29 The procession 7:00 pm Old town, traditional mornings, by the different groups in the city and grallers Corps veterans Bastoners Orfeó Reus; mornings thunderstorms, and tabalers by members of the Devils and the Dance Dance Pere Joan Barceló galejades the mornings. 8:00 pm at various establishments, fork breakfast. Year after the festival and to face the day of St. Peter with force, you went to breakfast the following establishments, including: American Bar, Bar Basra, Bon-Mar Bar, Bar interjection do! The Bar Bota Café Caramelles Xafa-Rocs, Cal crochet, World Can, Dehesa Santa Maria, El Tubo, gulp, Meson del Rosario, Restaurant Les Tines, Tingana and choosing. 9:00 pm from the Casa Rull, 29 warnings fireworks. Furthermore, since different rooftops of the city, Wake Reus. 9:00 pm from the Bell Priory of St. Peter Touch Closing out the Giants and the City Council streets ahead and squares. From 9:30 to 14:00 is the Priory of St. Peter, venerated reliquary bust of St. Peter, except the hours of worship. 10.00 and 12.30 is the Priory of St. Peter, holding mass. From 10.00 to 13.00 to Bell Priory of St. Peter views the bell, by members of the AEG MD Mercy. 30/11 is the market square, and thunderstorm activity holidays for groups of showcasing the city. 13.00 the market square at the end of the last train, in charge of screening castellera Xiquets Reus. 17.30 from Bell Priory of St. Peter and Ida al'Ofici Touch Party of the municipal authorities in corporate, group holidays, accompanied by the city. 18:30 is the Priory of St. Peter, solemn office, concelebrated Mass presided by the Prior Fr. Cross Sáiz, with the musical accompaniment of the choir and Reus organist Josep Maria Mas Bonet. On leaving the image of St. Peter to the door of the Priory, formal ball short of the Eagle. 18:45 pm from FOSA OLD, boot the festive procession of groups from the city. 19.30 for the streets of downtown, home of the procession a solemn Cirials the Cross and the Chapel Choir, the reliquary bust of St. Peter the minstrels of the city, the Flag of Reus the Macer, the authorities, Guardia Urbana and large gala, closing the procession, the Symphonic Band from Reus. When the shrine of St. Peter initiates the download of Fossar Elder, tolling of bells with Touch General festival pyrotechnic and notices. When you get the image of St. Peter in Mercadal Square, spectacular dancing together for all groups and public holidays when the image is placed in front Town Hall, behind the throne of the pop festival. Then the image of St. Peter will turn to the Priory and reach the door, big explosion festive air and storm. Once again the image of the Priory greater altar, shall be kept with the three keys that guard the Mayor, the Prior and formerly Ombudsman Community of priests, until next year. In conclusion, festive return to the plaza Mercadal. Latest danced, and lit the vibrant and Dragon Ball carretillada Devils to put an end to the feast of St. Peter's this year. WEDNESDAY, 30 PARK 22.30 in the party, great fireworks display Peta Fort San Pedro, by the same Canyelles Pyrotechnics. RECORDS FOLLOW JULY FRIDAY, 2 St. Luke 20:00 has the Chamber, presented the bases of the third and Local Competition First National Photography Competition dedicated to the world of the peasantry. 22:30 has reminiscences, with the concert and all Badabadoc Belda, to mark the 30th anniversary of Carrutxa. SATURDAY, 3 10.00 to 20.00 Square has Evaristo Fabregas, Mercreart. This year comes the 3rd Mercreart an activity of Parsley's, a market where young artists exhibit and sell their creations. In parallel there is a terrace where you can enjoy live music and bar service. 12:00 pm in the Civic Center MISTRAL, district Gaudi opening of the extension the civic center. 20:30 Square has reminiscences, dinner organized by AEG Montsant MD-V Peak to mark the 50th anniversary of the organization. Beginning at 22 pm, concert with DJ Miqui Puig. Tickets for the dinner, party shop increased until day 1. 21.00 Bartrina Theater, Pep Bou and Jorge Wagensberg we have Berisha (The most beautiful story of the Cosmos). A magical show through the bubbles and the narrative history of the reality we live in a unique show that speaks of a universal theme: the beauty of our existence. SUNDAY, 4 10.00 to 20.00 Square has Evaristo Fabregas, Mercreart. From 11.00 to 13.00 PARK railway travel by train children and adults. 18:30 has the BLANCAFORT URBANIZATION, show elements holidays. With the support of Kids Dance Devils, the Mulasseta, Vitxets the children, the gypsy dancing, the children of Xiquets Reus, the band endeavors Father, of the Ox Argentera, the Nano Riudecanyes Giants Vilanova Escornalbou Blancafort and Nanos. Parade all groups and snack cake with cherries for everyone. St. Luke 19:00 has the Chamber, ballet performance group in Moscow and Akter Coordinating dance Reus. With the performance of the dancer Oxana Tereshchenko Moscow.  

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