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La cueva de Les Gralles desde Capafonts

La cueva de Les Gralles desde Capafonts

The vast plains adjoining the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by an amphitheater of mountains that is the Camp de Tarragona, is divided into three regions. The southernmost is the Baix Camp. The coastline of this region, the Costa Dorada, is known everywhere, the mountains not far behind in terms of beauty and attractiveness, one of which is still the loneliness. The route proposed, short and available for all walkers, even the smallest, visit a place of surprising Capafonts term. Must be located in the beautiful but Capafonts screwed TV-7041 local road that connects with the C-14 Alcover between Montblanc and Reus, and the C-37 coming from Valls (23 km from Alcover). You can also reach the T-704 coming down the road Prades-saddlebag. They get to where it reaches Capafonts is a beautiful town located 750 meters above sea level at the top of the river valley Brugent, in the mountains of Prades mountains, where the reliefs are encinglerats Motllats , southeast of the term. The wooded landscape, crossed by cultivation here and there, save the beauty of nature itself but harmonious. Get off the road from Capafonts Alcover, or the path that descends to the east to the steep curve that describes this road under the town. A trail marked out from this curve towards the southwest. Visit to point 0.0 km. Follow then the trail descends gently toward the river along the Mussara The indicator for the source of the Otter. The path leads to a cement driveway where converges with another track and perpendicular to the floor where water from the creek. Turn left and follow the main road leaving small branches that lead to the gardens that extend between the track and the creek. Reached a fork (1 km, 15 min) to the right, turning up to enter the forest, follow the straight edge passing through the lock that prevents the passage of vehicles. The road is approaching the course of the river, leaving a detour to the left, which is aimed at Tosques and reach the point where the path comes up to the Mussara (1.6 km, 25 min ), where it will later. For now, leave it aside, turn right and continue walking until the end of the runway, located some 150 meters away, where, on the left, past the bed of the stream is the Font of Otter especially in a place lush. After it stops, it moves back to the path taken and announced to the left, the middle of the forest. The trail rises sharply and is another (2.1 km, 40 min) is still left. Soon exceeded two very pronounced curves and steep and the road becomes flat. Not far at the bottom of the ravine, you can see the impressive dome of the natural cave Gralles destination of the walk. A little later (2.35 km, 50 min) is a suitable diversion: the right, the road continues to the end of the range Motllats making towards Mussara to the left leads to a deviation Cave of Gralles in minutes. It follows the latter senderol. Soon, 450 meters, the road bed of the ravine to die. Must go back the course of the stream between boulders and fallen tree trunks. 100 m above must return to standing on the right bank, following the direction of the route, and pass through the middle of two openings, the first narrowly, Despiste between large boulders which barred access to the cave of Gralles where finally get (2.85 km, 1 h). The site, a surprising grandeur, it called for silence and meditation. It is a huge cave dug by the water of the stream of the new source, a natural amphitheater enclosed by a hemispherical dome located about 60 meters from the ground. Below, a delicate travertine formation, or pumice, emerges from the river beach. Depending on the time, the torrent Degotalls can become a small waterfall that comes in the form of rain. It returns the same path. Landmarks Cave Gralles The Serra de Prades The Motllats Font Lludriga Counties: Lower Field Distance: 5.5 km Climb Slope: 165.0 m Descent Altitude: 165.0 m Signage: Yes Duration: 2 hours Topics: Nature                                            View hotels here                                         View restaurants here   Criteria for use of routes Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism. Data Updates: 24/03/2006

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